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Chapter 18.2 – The Persuasion

“I not want to go.” I tell Tony in Simlish. It has been really difficult for me to communicate with the Doctor stuck as a kid, but maybe this is a good opportunity for me to practice and improve my … Continue reading

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Author’s Thoughts 6 – Pokemon AU

The thought came to me while I was bored at work one day. What if the Doc and the others were trainers in a Pokemon AU? I thought up of team rosters for them to battle with as well as … Continue reading

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Chapter 18.1 – The Booking

“Also fully booked. No more flights.” Preston tells me after the nth airline site we visited. We’ve already tried all major airlines and budget carriers, but no luck. We did find one seat available to Koguryeo which left me excited … Continue reading

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Chapter 17.3 – The Chess Game

“…And that’s how the sultan of Mysoria rewarded me with this fine clothing. It was my noble feat on that day that got me promoted to Archon.” I finish my story as the Don moves a rook to the right. … Continue reading

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The Fledgling Primer – Issue 2

Know Your Supernatural Neighbors Greetings, fledgling! If you’ve purchased this copy of The Fledgling Primer, you’re in for a treat! In this issue, we will discuss a vampire’s supernatural neighbors. The supernatural world is diverse, and every vampire must know … Continue reading

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Chapter 17.2 – The Pharmacist

After passing the inspection from the Prefect, I received a call from an old friend of the Doc’s who might know a way to change the Doc back to normal. She called me to ask for the Doc, but I … Continue reading

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Author’s Thoughts 5

Now that my sim game can now run without crashing, I can finally play the Doc and the rest to build up their skills and actually play the game! The Doc’s outfit here makes me think that this was what … Continue reading

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