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Undead Bites 3 – The Shakedown

“Found anyone we can shakedown for cash yet?” I look at my heavyset lackey named Harada, who just joined our ranks recently. Our patriarch gave us the order to look for new waters to fish from. The recent property development … Continue reading

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Second Year Anniversary!

At An Undisclosed Location in Newcrest —A transcript of the interview with the Archon of House de Guzman— Doc: Time is of the essence, so let’s make this brief. Reporter (R): Of course, Doctor. This interview won’t take long, I … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary!

It’s finally been a year since I started writing Undead with Benefits. Thank you all for reading the story! I’ll discuss a few things here while posting some unused screenshots I took for story concepts. Mainly how I came up … Continue reading

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Intermission – Better Days Spa Tour

Another Simbook post? What the hell is that Preston up to? Didn’t he read my memo on posting things about work? —————– Hey there, Simbook friends and followers! Preston the Chickenslayer here with another exciting tour of my local neighborhood! … Continue reading

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Intermission – Hideout Tour

That Preston. Always leaving the computer open when he goes on patrol. What does he¬†have here? It seems to be a draft of sorts for SimBook. ———————— Hey, SimBook friends and followers!¬†Preston the Chickenslayer here! Taking a short hiatus from … Continue reading

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