The Author


Hi there, I’m Pronterus.

A little about myself. I started playing The Sims ever since the first game came out. It was only until The Sims 4 that I really started to get into simming. I first started building houses and lots, and just recently, I started writing after getting inspiration from building a criminal hideout. I went to CAS and started creating a vampire, a ghost, and a randomized sim. I gave each sim rough character backgrounds and slowly formed a story around them.

I think what got me into the whole vampire thing was The Sims 3: Late Night. I enjoyed that expansion pack a lot, and I just loved the vampire life state in the game. I am glad that the Sims 4 Vampires game pack was released, so now I can take awesome screenshots!

Other useless info:

  • I like cats
  • I speak Tagalog, English, and Japanese
  • 腐男子

My vampire simself plays Antonio in the story.

I’m also a builder, so you can check out My Sims 4 Gallery if you want to download awesome lots, houses, and rooms. I specialize in small modern builds, Southeast Asian colonial, and criminal-themed lots.

How I Write the Story

Some fellow simmers have asked me how I write this story. Most writers create a plot outline first and then take screenshots in-game. Some do it the other way around. I’m kind of like a mix of both, but let me bullet point my process:

  • I start off with a general idea and get inspired by it. It can be a screenshot or a sentence.
  • I write the chapter/story, with the general idea in mind and make adjustments along the way.
  • If I encounter something interesting while taking screenshots, I take note of them and try to add them into the story.
  • I follow the outline that I have in mind and add more things that I think will make the story more interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading Undead With Benefits as much as I enjoy writing it. 🙂


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