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Lore – Titles, Places, and Things

Undead with Benefits uses many kinds of terms and made-up places, so here are their definitions and descriptions. ūüôā Archon – A title given to a vampiric leader of a House. Archons are part of a city or town’s Association … Continue reading

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Short Story – The Grand Master

The fog clears up, and we find ourselves in Forgotten Hollow. We park the car after a six-hour¬†drive from Newcrest right in front of our lodgings, which is an abandoned chapel that the landlord allowed us to stay in until … Continue reading

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Chapter 11.1 – The Spice District

The train pulls over into San Myshuno’s Spice District. After escaping¬†from the hideout, I thought about all of the traps we left behind for the Fengs who went there. Preston boasted about how he almost scared a man to¬†insanity, but … Continue reading

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Side Chapter – The Warning

With an injured foot, I limp into¬†the so-called hideout of the vampire. But this foot won’t stop me from my search. As captain of the Feng Vampire Hunting Task Force, it is my task to find that vampire Ma’am Cherry … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary!

It’s finally been a year since I started writing Undead with Benefits. Thank you all for reading the story! I’ll discuss a few things here while posting some unused screenshots I took for story concepts. Mainly how I came up … Continue reading

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Chapter 10.3 – The Brothers

Right on schedule. I look at my watch as my twin brother and I have reached the floor where our apartment is located. We are expecting our boss to arrive soon to because of her extremely important announcement. I’m hoping … Continue reading

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