The Story

Dr. Domingo de Guzman, or “Doc” for short is a crime lord, vampire physician, and plasma fruit connoisseur who uses an abandoned soap factory as his base of operations to steal art and recover fragments of his lost memories.

When the arrival of a girl being chased by a radical vampire hunter sect comes knocking on his door, the Doc has to face the overzealous Pastor and his minions, feral vampires, and plumbers armed with silver wrenches, ready to take over Newcrest by force.

With the help of his accomplices; a ghost knight, a foodie-turned-vampire, and a foreign art student who barely speaks Simlish, they must find a way to save Newcrest’s vampire community from the Pastor’s threat as well as recover something that the Doc lost a long time ago.

Get ready for a story filled with action, thrills, and humor because there is a ton of it in this story!

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Disclaimer: The characters, places, and organizations in this story are all works of fiction and do not represent or allude to any real life equivalent.