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More Vampire SimLit

Fangs for the Memories by LadyLobster – A vampire dramedy that’s full of comedy, suspense, and other surprises. Now a popular hit among simmers. Highly recommended!

From Fangs to Fae Dreams by LadyLobster – The sequel to Fangs for the Memories.

Dusk and Dawn by DreamsInPixels – A vampire legacy full of intrigue and drama. I’m normally not a fan of legacies, but this one got me hooked!

The Family Black by AuroraLockwood – Can ideas like love and normalcy really exist when you are a creature of the night? Join vampire Rosea Black as she seeks to find out and gets caught between the life she wants and the vampire society she was born into.

Other Stories Worth Checking Out

MunterBaconSims by MunterBacon – His site is full of interesting stories like My Life as a Zombie, which is my favorite!

The Shadow Over Newcrest by Rendora – An interesting story with a Lovecraftian horror theme. Alexander Goth chronicles the events leading up to the disappearances of Newcrest’s most prominent members.

Death at Von Windenburg by Rendora – A whodunnit story involving people’s simselves.

A Sims 4 Fantasy by pupshadow22 – A comic style story involving magicians-in-training, angsty orcs, and maybe a demon lord or two.

Custom Content Credits

The CC found in the story were downloaded from these sites:


Kijiko’s site has wonderful hairstyles for both men and women. The Doctor’s hair, skintone, and eye color comes from this awesome Japanese simmer.


I’d like to thank the wonderful people at the Sims 4 Forums Writer’s Lounge for their support.

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