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Author Thoughts 1 – Inspiration

When I opened my Facebook this morning, I saw a Sims 3 screenshot from two years ago that took me back. This is probably my main inspiration. I had Sims 3 Ambitions and Late Night when I played this Sim, … Continue reading

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Chapter 7.3 – The Friend

The ferals growled. They shamble their way towards me as our party prepares for battle. The hunterling and his two lackeys behind me start loading their crossbows as I think about the recent events. The ghoul that I killed earlier confirmed … Continue reading

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Chapter 7.2 – The Llama

The staircase was dark. I tell two of my best hunters to follow me down, fully-equipped with weapons from the Guild arsenal. The Guild always has hunters willing to fight for a Brother’s cause, and they immediately joined me when I … Continue reading

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More Fun with the Pose Player

I also downloaded the Teleporter Mod. It helped a lot in getting everyone in the group shots. Everything seems to be working well so far. Now here are some shots from the characters in the story:

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Sims 4 Pose Player

I just got the Sims 4 Pose Player, so I might be able to create better scenes from now on. 😀 I tested it, and it seems to be working great so far. Here are a few test poses by … Continue reading

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Chapter 7.1 – The Pet Store

I only heard Preston’s voice telling me to wake up. It is strange that I ended up sleeping along the way to the exotic pet store, and along with that odd dream. Were those my memories? If something like that … Continue reading

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Short Story – The Servant

I ran back to Madame’s home as soon as the execution was over. Going past crowds of people, filthy street vendors, and horse carriages, I arrived from Windenburg Fortress after forty minutes. I discarded my Paragon armband along the way … Continue reading

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