The Fledgling Primer – Issue 2

Know Your Supernatural Neighbors

Greetings, fledgling! If you’ve purchased this copy of The Fledgling Primer, you’re in for a treat! In this issue, we will discuss a vampire’s supernatural neighbors. The supernatural world is diverse, and every vampire must know who to befriend and who to avoid. Getting into fights with other supernaturals is inevitable because of our many differences.

Just remember: us vampires are weak against the holy power of vampire hunters, the fae technology of fae folk, and the magic of wizards. However, we can defeat ordinary humans, werewolves, and ghouls with ease. Knowing these things can especially help when you get into fights.


The enemy of our enemy is our friend, and that is what werewolves are to us vampires. They look like normal humans but can turn into half-wolf creatures at will. We get into many squabbles with them, but we also know when to unite against our common enemy, the hunters. A vampire is permitted to have werewolf companions, but they must be cautious of the werewolf’s peers. Remember that werewolves might simply not like you because of your scent or your pale skin. They are a very proud race, so compliments are always appreciated.

Werewolves also have a very clannish mindset and might always associate you with your House of affiliation. For instance, they use the word clan to refer to a House.

Pro tip: Always have a chew toy in your pocket when meeting werewolves. The mere sight of it calms them down in an instant and can avoid unnecessary fighting.

Strong against: Ordinary humans, ghouls

Weak against: Wizards, fae folk, vampires, hunters


Ghouls are like our cousins whom we share a mutual relationship with. They were humans who tried to become vampires but had incompatible blood, so they became beings who eat flesh. Unlike us vampires, they can walk in the daylight, which makes them the perfect daytime henchmen. Individually, they are weak, but their strength lies in their numbers. Take care not to anger a group of ghouls in a bad mood, or you might become their next snack.

Befriending ghouls is also beneficial, as they are the most resistant to the magical technology of the fae folk and wizards. As a result, most Houses have ghoul henchmen to watch out for mischievous fae folk or wizards. However, most vampires also discriminate against ghouls, calling them incomplete beings and similar names. They also emit a repulsive odor that only vampires and werewolves can smell.

Pro tip: Ghouls love severed fingers. You’ll see almost any ghoul chewing one. It also makes a great gift.

Strong against: Ordinary humans, fae folk, and wizards

Weak against: Vampires, werewolves

Fae Folk

Fae folk, or faeries, as they like to be called, are winged magical beings that live in villages concealed in trees and parks all over towns and cities. They can also mingle among us, disguised as humans, vampires, and even werewolves. Any supernatural can visit their town provided they get permission from a fae companion. Fae folk are kind beings in general, but vampires should never anger them. Us vampires are most susceptible to their magical technology, so we always maintain good relations with them. Actually, the use of fae technology by vampires is forbidden by our law.

Be warned, however, that not all fae folk are kind and benevolent as we might think. Some might be mischievous or downright hostile even if they act nice. The most evil of fae folk have been known to experiment on other supernaturals using their magic.

Pro tip: Never mention the Fae Queen’s trousers in front of fae folk. You might end up getting cursed for months.

Strong against: Vampires, werewolves

Weak against: Ghouls

Wizards and Witches

Wizards and witches (the collective term is wizards) are humans who have magical powers, and they are just as secretive as the fae folk when it comes to their magic. Vampires, werewolves, and fae folk are weak to their magic, but ghouls and ghosts can easily topple wizardry with their natural resistance to magic.

In general, wizards are hostile towards vampires, werewolves, and ghouls, but they are friendly towards fae folk and ghosts. Some wizards even join vampire hunting Guilds, but they are extremely rare as they are more devoted to perfecting their magic. A few wizards are friends with all supernaturals, but they are looked down upon by peers in their community.

The most ostracized wizards are called sorcerers since they dabble in necromancy and other forms of dark magic. Sorcerers are generally friendly towards vampires, werewolves, and ghouls, but they have a dubious reputation.

Pro tip: You can tell if a human is a wizard or a witch if you feel a yellow aura emanating from them. This gives us a warning to avoid them.

Strong against: Vampires, werewolves

Weak against: Ghouls


Ghosts are the departed souls of humans or other supernatural beings that still have a strong tie to our world. A ghost will not depart for the spirit world in peace until they have finished their business, which is usually unknown to them. Ghosts are friendly beings in general, and they may even serve Houses and other supernaturals as servants.

There are some ghosts that are hostile towards any human or supernatural, however. These are vengeful spirits that died in a horrific way and must be avoided like ferals and vampire hunters. Only clerics of any faith, vampire hunters, wizards, and fae folk have the ability to exorcise vengeful spirits.

Pro tip: A ghost can sleep while floating.

Ghosts have no specific strengths or weaknesses against any race.

Special thanks to our contributor for this issue:

Archon Nestor Tayag-Moreno – Director of Supernatural Relations

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