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Undead Bites 5 – A Tabletop RPG

During one boring night… Antonio: Doc, you’re back! Preston: Have a seat, Doc! Doc: Greetings, everyone. I’ve been meaning to join you and the others on one of these game nights you have every month. Antonio: We’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 4 – The Yakuza

Yakuza punks. I’m not sure which family they’re from, but they’re trespassing on my territory. They shouldn’t be here. “Let me through now!” I demand to these ruffians that appeared out of nowhere, telling me that I owe them money. … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 3 – The Shakedown

“Found anyone we can shakedown for cash yet?” I look at my heavyset lackey named Harada, who just joined our ranks recently. Our patriarch gave us the order to look for new waters to fish from. The recent property development … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 2

“Let’s go, Park. The Doc is expecting you to look more like a proper henchman.” I tell Park as we make our way towards the second floor, where the wardrobe is located. While going up the steps, Preston suddenly emerges … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 1

Hello readers! This is a new thing I call Undead Bites, which are very short scenes about different characters in my story. 🙂 They are usually formed from random screenshots made from playtesting and other situations. Let’s start with the … Continue reading

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