Author’s Thoughts 6 – Pokemon AU

The thought came to me while I was bored at work one day. What if the Doc and the others were trainers in a Pokemon AU? I thought up of team rosters for them to battle with as well as Pokemon world-appropriate battle quotes.

The Doc

Opening Quote: “You have done well in coming this far, trainer, but it will all be for naught once my pets drain your life force!

Defeated Quote: “Haha! You are impressive for a human trainer. Defeating me proves the strong bond you have with your Pokemon. Now take this TM as proof of your victory!” (Trainer receives Shadow Ball TM)


Opening Quote: “So you’re the human challenger, eh? Park may have been a walk in the park, but you’re up against a high-leveled trainer like me!

Defeated Quote: “No fair! You’re overleveled! I want a rematch!


Opening Quote: “Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome to challenge. We battle now!

Defeated Quote: “Oh, I lost. Maybe not give Pokemon enough plasma fruit poffins.


Opening Quote: “Halt! Before you get to the Doc, you’ll have to go through me!

Defeated Quote: “You’re strong, human. I guess I have to let you through. But be warned, the Doctor cannot be defeated easily.

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  1. summonerd says:

    This is so, so cool…

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