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Chapter 21.2 – The New Look

I can’t believe it. I’ve seen strange things in my time as a vampire, but this is a first. This is the Doc, but as a woman. If I look at him closely, he looks almost exactly like Dominica. Put … Continue reading

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The Fledgling Primer – Issue 4

Your Dark Form and You Have you ever had that feeling of something within you that has been longing to crawl out from the depths of your self? Right, I didn’t mean that to sound edgy¬†as most people would call … Continue reading

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Chapter 21.1 – The Result

As I was weighing the pros and cons of each plan, there was a knock on the door. “Door’s open.” I call out as I see Gran enter the room. “Tony, my dear. A word?” Gran says with a tone … Continue reading

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Chapter 20.4 – The Decision

“Damn it, what was the number of the police hotline again?” Uncle fiddles with his phone as I remember that he’s not very good at remembering phone numbers. That punch he gave me was enough to bring me down to … Continue reading

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The Fledgling Primer – Issue 3

Mirroring – A Vampiric Custom I was at a drinking soiree in the Fashion District the other week, meeting with other Archons from the Association and discussing current events happening in our neighborhood lately, from the variety of designer coffins … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 5 – A Tabletop RPG

During one boring night… Antonio: Doc, you’re back! Preston: Have a seat, Doc! Doc: Greetings, everyone. I’ve been meaning to join you and the others on one of these game nights you have every month. Antonio: We’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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Chapter 20.3 – The Archon of House Malefica

“Y’know, it’s not too late to back out now.” Malefica offers me again for the nth time, even as we are already standing face-to-face. “If this is the only way to save the Doc, I have to do it.” I … Continue reading

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