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Author’s Thoughts 4 – Happy Halloween!

Well now, it looks like I’m done with my second arc! I’m glad I was able to finish this arc in time. While writing this arc, I suddenly got inspiration to continue and make a third arc! The fight with … Continue reading

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Epilogue – The Deal

The Nguyens were at it again. They’ve been trying to wrestle control of Uptown from us for a while now, but hearing about their activities that threaten the Fengs as a whole will ruin my re-election for mayor. I can’t … Continue reading

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Chapter 15.3 – The Return

“Preston!” Antonio exclaims as he appears right in front of Park. “Doc! I’ve come to help you out!” Preston announces as he brings out Chickenbane. If Preston’s here, that means Salvi and Miss Gupta have already finished defeating the Fengs … Continue reading

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Chapter 15.2 – The Fall

“Puny little vampire.” Cherry taunts as this battle seems almost impossible to win. But I still have to fight. Dominica is pinned down, the Doc has a broken leg, and I’m struggling against this beast. Cherry looks at me with … Continue reading

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Chapter 15.1 – The Abomination

So this is the effect of gulping down a bottle of essence. The monster roars at us and I take note of the large vampire fangs in her mouth. I look at the monster that Cherry Feng turned into and … Continue reading

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Chapter 14.4 – The Bickering

I might not be able to see my friends again. “Miss…” I might end up as essence for that Feng girl. I was too reckless. “Miss…?” But the worst part is, I might not be able to see Papa ever … Continue reading

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The Fledgling Primer – Issue 1

Welcome Dear fledgling, If you have been given this brochure by an elder vampire or Archon, congratulations! You are now part of a community of more than 8,345,756 registered vampires around the world. As a mortal, you might have been … Continue reading

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