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Chapter 5.4 – The Appeal

It’s about time he arrived. The door to the side of the meeting hall opens, and the Grand Archon enters, wearing something that looks more normal for the occasion. The expression on his face seems to have changed, which tells … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.3 – The Grand Archon

I try not to look at the Grand Archon walking like a runway model in his swimsuit as I sense him approach our table. Germanius Richard Andre Nestor David Leclerc III used to be the reigning absolute monarch of the First Lutecean … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.2 – The Don

I never expected him to show up. It has probably been almost five decades since I last saw my old friend and mentor, Don Remigio Antares. He was one of the few vampires who offered a helping hand when I was … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.1 – The Gathering

The investigation was a success. Preston sent me the information that Park retrieved from the Pastor’s phone, and it piqued my interest. I was inside my coffin when I heard the message tone that played church bells ringing, so I opened the … Continue reading

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The Vampire Visit

This is the 31st challenge brief given to builders in Zita1966z’s contest called Under Renovation, where I’m one of the judges. I started doing write-ups for the contest after I was invited to judge builds. The Doctor is one of … Continue reading

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Side Chapter 3 – The Medallion

I knew I had to find it before Westfall found out. The Newcrest Vampire Hunters’ Guild Chapter has gone rogue recently, and I had to get to the bottom of it. As the High Pastor of Fartherburg and head of … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.3 – The Encounter

We’ve been walking for hours. The blazing hot sun, the heat in the air, and my incoherent companion are not good for my ghostly physique. I’m starting to dislike Oasis Springs. I could have stayed at the hideout to update my blog that … Continue reading

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