Creepy Crypts

Greetings, mortal.

I’ve discussed in another page the different places where a vampire might stay. This time, I’d like to share with you some interior design and other interesting objects that have piqued the interest of the local vampire community.

If you are a vampire tired of living in cluttered crypts and stuffy coffins, have a look at this list of frighteningly wonderful rooms.

Classic Vampiric


This room is best for the old-school vampire who prefers to have elegant furnishings but with a slight modern touch; plasma juice bottle racks line the walls of this room.



For the modern vampire who prefers to keep themselves in top form, this room is for you. The proper amount of lighting and feel of the room can calm one’s senses.

El Filibusterismo


The old world furnishing this room welcome any classy vampire to the past. Just put out the lights from the candles first.

Vampiric Modern


This room is for the modern vampire who prefers classic red and black color schemes. Includes sun-proof blinds.

The Viewing Room


Best goes with Interrogation Chamber. The Viewing Room is the perfect place for viewing any kind of thing, like drinking sessions, interrogations, and human experimentation.

Interrogation Chamber


Speaks for itself. Do whatever you want in this room. Just make sure you close the door.

The Secret Room


This clandestine storage room makes a great foyer for a secret lair thanks to its bookcase door.

Neglected Grave


A perfect lawn or graveyard decoration. You can even place it in your basement!