Vampire Dwellings

Greetings, visitor.

You might be wondering where vampires like me prefer to live. The basic requirements are that the dwelling must have a place to hide from the sun, a place to store plasma/blood, and a place to fit a coffin comfortably.


The basement crypt of Formerly Modern

There should also be living quarters for minions and other helpers. (Preston only floats and henceforth does not require living quarters.) Some vampires prefer to live in low-key structures, abandoned dwellings, and low-income areas, but for those show-offs, they prefer old but grand mansions with opulent furnishings or luxurious lofts. In my case, I prefer something that looks abandoned but still functional.


Back graveyard of Bahay ni Lola

If you’re a vampire like me and you’re looking for a new dwelling to call home, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve created this list of properties that you may be interested in purchasing. Just find the right place for your coffin, and you’re good to go!


Dr. Domingo

(OOC: All lots featured here are created by me.)

Villa Vampir


This once charming Victorian villa is now condemned for not following today’s building standards. However, a vampire can still take refuge here or purchase the house as a hideout.

Criminal Hideout


If you’re a career criminal, this lot is for you. Can house one boss and three loyal underlings. Plenty of space to stash stolen items, and it features a torture chamber with a lovely viewing room for your comfort.

Criminal Hideout 2.0


Another recommended lot for the career criminal. This former factory has enough space to stash all sorts of stolen items and features a high-tech security system to get those pesky cops off the lot!

Storage Unit 304


For the low-key and low-income vampire who just wants peace, this lot is for you. Cleverly disguised as a storage unit, it has a basement where you can place your coffin and get a good day’s rest. There is also a Starter version available with less furnishings.

Overgrowth Abode (Maxis Faved)


Quarantined by the housing authority years ago after a failed experiment that happened here. People will think twice before entering this home because of the overgrowth. It is the perfect place to hide from those pesky vampire hunters.

Bahay ni Lola


The name literally means “Grandma’s House” in Tagalog. This charming old Philippine mansion looks straight out of a horror film and features a graveyard in the back. Recommended for vampires who reside in the tropics but still want to show off their wealth.

Creepy Comfort


This cute and creepy little house might scare off visitors, but that’s what you want right? No trespassers! The dark, saturated interiors will surely calm any vampire who stays here.

Brickstone Backalley (Winner of Match Up 1)


Formerly the site of a small textile storage facility, this small building comes with one bathroom and open-plan interiors. The lot is attractive for low-income families, especially squatters who cannot afford to pay rent.

Formerly Modern


When Newcrest had a housing boom, model houses like this one popped up. However, as property values decreased, this model home was neglected, and it has been turned into a hideout. It features a basement good for one vampire as well as the perfect place to store a coffin.

Vampire’s Starter


A great starter home for the recently-turned vampire. It features the most basic of vampire amenities, such as sunproof blinds, an unwelcoming yard, and a coffin in the basement. Very affordable.