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Aside from making enemies, the Doc and his crew have also made valuable allies over the years.

Teresita Vivas

Teresita, or “Sita” to her friends, is a young woman who’s interested in the paranormal, especially those involving vampires. She was a member of the Pastor’s faction but was later chased out for reasons unknown. Keeps an old chest which has belonged to the Vivas family for generations.

Hobbies: Researching vampires and their lore, writing vampire mystery novels, socializing on paranormal forums

Peeves: Vague details, sealed vans, getting cut in line

Byron Llamanzares

A vampire hunter who is high school friends with Antonio. Holds the title of Slayer in the Guild as he is reported to have slain 156 vampires in his career.

Hobbies: Tweaking his crossbow, attending religious services, researching slaying techniques

Peeves: A faulty crossbow bolt, vampires who talk too much, heretics

Dominica de Guzman

The Doc’s daughter who moved to San Myshuno to escape her father’s nagging. Currently studying chemistry in San Myshuno against her father’s advice to become a doctor and a Lady of the Association. While still a member of House de Guzman, she operates her own small gang in San Myshuno.

Hobbies: Planning heists, working out, listening to S-pop

Peeves: Noisy neighbors, her dad being too doting, the smell of spices

Archon Salvatore