The chapters are best read in this order. Enjoy reading!

The Pastor of Newcrest

Dr. Domingo de Guzman, or “Doc” for short is a crime lord, vampire physician, and plasma fruit connoisseur who uses an abandoned soap factory as his base of operations to steal art and recover fragments of his lost memories.

When the arrival of a girl being chased by a radical vampire hunter sect comes knocking on his door, the Doc has to face the overzealous Pastor and his minions, feral vampires, and plumbers armed with silver wrenches, ready to take over Newcrest by force.

With the help of his accomplices; a ghost knight, a foodie-turned-vampire, and a foreign art student who barely speaks Simlish, they must find a way to save Newcrest’s vampire community from the Pastor’s threat as well as recover something that the Doc lost a long time ago. Will the Doc be able to recover his past and defeat the Pastor?

Prologue – The Farewell

Chapter 1.1- The Walk

Chapter 1.2 – The Pub

Chapter 1.3 – The Brawl

Side Chapter 1 – The First Day

Chapter 2.1 – The Applicant

Chapter 2.2 – The Interview

Chapter 2.3 – The Visitor

Intermission – Hideout Tour

Chapter 3.1 – The Initiation

Chapter 3.2 – The Distraction

Chapter 3.3 – The Invasion

Side Chapter 2 – The Newcrest Daily – Issue 57

Intermission – Better Days Spa Tour

Chapter 4.1 – The Aftermath

Chapter 4.2 – The Abduction

Chapter 4.3 – The Encounter

Side Chapter 3 – The Medallion

Chapter 5.1 – The Gathering

Chapter 5.2 – The Don

Chapter 5.3 – The Grand Archon

Chapter 5.4 – The Appeal

Chapter 6.1 – The Call

Chapter 6.2 – The Hunter

Chapter 6.3 – The Head Pastor

Chapter 7.1 – The Pet Store

Chapter 7.2 – The Llama

Chapter 7.3 – The Friend

Chapter 7.4 – The Feral

Chapter 8.1 – The Pastor Again

Chapter 8.2 – The Revelation

Chapter 8.3 – The Doctor

Epilogue – The Corporal

Bonus – Who Am I?

The Former Foodie’s Beef with the Fengs

Dr. Domingo de Guzman, or “Doc” for short is a vampire crime lord, art smuggler, and recent winner of the Best-Dressed Vampire Award of Newcrest who uses an abandoned soap factory as his base of operations to forge art and prepare for the upcoming battle against the Don, who has challenged him to a showdown in Windenburg.

However, in the middle of his preparations, his daughter is targeted by the biggest crime family in San Myshuno, the Fengs, who are responsible for mass vampire killings, the exodus of Houses and their Archons, and the buyout of the San Myshuno Vampire Hunters’ Guild. 

With the help of his accomplices; the ghost knight Preston, his protege Antonio, and the aspiring TOSFL (Test of Simlish as a Foreign Language) test taker Park, the Doc sets out for San Myshuno to protect his daughter, investigate the vampire killings there, and confront the culprit behind them. What will await them in San Myshuno?

Chapter 9.1- The City (Prologue)

Chapter 9.2 – The Image Change

Chapter 9.3 – The Reconciliation

Chapter 9.4 – The Spar

Chapter 10.1 – The Fengs

Chapter 10.2 – The Fallen Foodie

Chapter 10.3 – The Brothers

Side Chapter – The Warning

Chapter 11.1 – The Spice District

Chapter 11.2 – The Lead

Chapter 11.3 – The Accomplice

Chapter 12.1 – The Homecoming

Chapter 12.2- The Scumbag

Chapter 12.3 – The Essence

Chapter 13.1 – The Mistake

Chapter 13.2 – The Trap

Chapter 13.3 – The Awakening

Chapter 14.1 – The Judgment

Chapter 14.2 – The Penthouse

Chapter 14.3 – The Confrontation

Chapter 14.4 – The Bickering

Chapter 15.1 – The Abomination

Chapter 15.2 – The Fall

Chapter 15.3 – The Return

Epilogue – The Deal

The Little Predicament

Dr. Domingo de Guzman, or “Doc” for short is a crime lord, vampire physician, and a loving father who uses an abandoned soap factory as his base of operations to forge art and treat vampires with odd medical conditions in the Newcrest Association.

However, after an encounter with the Don in Windenburg alters his form and overwrites his personality as the Doctor, his minions have to cope with his new appearance, help him get ingredients for the antidote, and solve the case of the missing Archons who have apparently been kidnapped or slain by vampire hunters.

With the help of his accomplices; Preston the Chickenslayer, Antonio the protege, and Park the Koguryeon forger, they must find a way to restore the Doc to normal and prevent the Don and his servants from overthrowing Grand Master Vladislaus Straud.

Prologue – The Pursuit

Chapter 16.1 – The Handful

Chapter 16.2 – The Prefect

Chapter 16.3 – The Inspection

Chapter 17.1 – The Castle

Chapter 17.2 – The Pharmacist

Chapter 17.3 – The Chess Game

Chapter 18.1 – The Booking

Chapter 18.2 – The Persuasion

Chapter 18.3 – The Flower Shop

Chapter 18.4 – The Sick Ghoul

Chapter 19.1 – The Mother Arrives

Chapter 19.2 – The Deception

Chapter 19.3 – The Basement

Chapter 19.4 – The Uncle

Chapter 20.1 – The Heir

Chapter 20.2 – The Challenge

Chapter 20.3 – The Archon of House Malefica

Chapter 20.4 – The Decision

Chapter 21.1 – The Result