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Undead Bites 4 – The Yakuza

Yakuza punks. I’m not sure which family they’re from, but they’re trespassing on my territory. They shouldn’t be here. “Let me through now!” I demand to these ruffians that appeared out of nowhere, telling me that I owe them money. … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 3 – The Shakedown

“Found anyone we can shakedown for cash yet?” I look at my heavyset lackey named Harada, who just joined our ranks recently. Our patriarch gave us the order to look for new waters to fish from. The recent property development … Continue reading

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Short Story – The Freaky Night

“Preston! PRESTON!” I hear the Doc calling for me again as I’m eating dinner with Park. I just sigh and think that he’s probably going to make me move the plasma vats to another end of the hideout again, so … Continue reading

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Side Chapter – The Warning

With an injured foot, I limp into the so-called hideout of the vampire. But this foot won’t stop me from my search. As captain of the Feng Vampire Hunting Task Force, it is my task to find that vampire Ma’am Cherry … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who am I? This is what I asked myself at first. Lying on the cold, hard floor, With an insatiable thirst. I get up to see where I am, A small, cramped place, a crypt perhaps. No memory of name or … Continue reading

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An Encounter in Northern Newcrest

This is an interactive story that I created for this thread in the Sims Forums. I hope you enjoy reading it! Begin here!

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Undead Bites 2

“Let’s go, Park. The Doc is expecting you to look more like a proper henchman.” I tell Park as we make our way towards the second floor, where the wardrobe is located. While going up the steps, Preston suddenly emerges … Continue reading

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