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Chapter 4.2 – The Abduction

To my Dearest Teresa, I’ve finally done it. We now have our very own home in downtown Windenburg, and it’s only a few steps away from the central square. I pulled a few strings to get this property, and I’m … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.1 – The Aftermath

28 wounded, 15 perished, and one heavily-damaged second-hand 2001 Toyotomi coupe. The young woman that I was after also escaped. I read Antonio’s post-battle report again in my inbox and review how many of our men survived. My computer’s Musify plays one of my … Continue reading

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Short Story – The Protégé

Another night of training begins, but I didn’t want to go out just yet. Thinking about what happened over the last few weeks has been draining. What did I get myself into? I was working in a wonderful job in San … Continue reading

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Side Chapter 2 – The Newcrest Daily – Issue 57

Disappearances in Newcrest Frighten Locals North Newcrest, Newcrest – Investigators at the Newcrest Police Department were baffled by the increasing cases of missing persons over the past few weeks. Scores of people from different neighborhoods were reported missing. The highest number … Continue reading

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Intermission – Better Days Spa Tour

Another Simbook post? What the hell is that Preston up to? Didn’t he read my memo on posting things about work? —————– Hey there, Simbook friends and followers! Preston the Chickenslayer here with another exciting tour of my local neighborhood! … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.3 – The Invasion

The building has been surrounded by the Guild. I look around and see that the Guild has sent some of its most elite members, clad in white, the relatively new initiates in black, and some who appear to be plumbers came in their … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.2 – The Distraction

They told me to go away. I pleaded, begged, and beseeched the man behind the door to let me see Dr. Domingo de Guzman. The pity strategy doesn’t work for them, I guess. Even after standing there for twenty minutes, … Continue reading

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