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Chapter 20.3 – The Archon of House Malefica

“Y’know, it’s not too late to back out now.” Malefica offers me again for the nth time, even as we are already standing face-to-face. “If this is the only way to save the Doc, I have to do it.” I … Continue reading

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Chapter 20.2 – The Challenge

“You’re JOKING, right?” Malefica just looks at Miggy in disbelief after my revelation. Miggy, seeming to enjoy the attention, just smiles back at her. “It’s just as I said. This child is Dr. Domingo de Guzman. That is why I … Continue reading

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Chapter 20.1 – The Heir

The drive to Magnolia Promenade didn’t take long. After an hour or so, I arrive at the gates of Magnolia Public Cemetery with Kumar. I placed him in the car’s trunk at first, but halfway through the journey, he came … Continue reading

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Chapter 19.4 – The Uncle

“Well, well, well.” the familiar voice of my uncle speaks as he descends the staircase. “I thought I smelled a rat scurrying about down here, but it turns out that my guess wasn’t that far off at all.” Dressed in … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 4 – The Yakuza

Yakuza punks. I’m not sure which family they’re from, but they’re trespassing on my territory. They shouldn’t be here. “Let me through now!” I demand to these ruffians that appeared out of nowhere, telling me that I owe them money. … Continue reading

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Undead Bites 3 – The Shakedown

“Found anyone we can shakedown for cash yet?” I look at my heavyset lackey named Harada, who just joined our ranks recently. Our patriarch gave us the order to look for new waters to fish from. The recent property development … Continue reading

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Chapter 19.3 – The Basement

As I finish counting the money we’ve earned for the day, I can’t help but think about the missed opportunity. Counting money has always soothed me and made me forget about the stresses of daily life, but the incident this … Continue reading

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