The Fledgling Primer – Issue 4

Your Dark Form and You

Have you ever had that feeling of something within you that has been longing to crawl out from the depths of your self?

Right, I didn’t mean that to sound edgy as most people would call it these days, but that is how having a Dark Form is like. Us vampires naturally gain this ability after we are turned, and the longer we train and hone it, the stronger it becomes. Vampires use their Dark Form for various things, such as dueling other vampires, gaining more energy, and even for pure intimidation.

In this issue of the Fledgling Primer, I will discuss how you, as a fledgling, can harness your Dark Form efficiently and responsibly.

What is a Dark Form?

Your Archon might have already oriented you about it, but a vampire’s Dark Form is more or less the inner representation of what they truly are. A vampire’s Dark Form can vary depending on the vampire, but changes start small. As a fledgling, whenever you shift into your Dark Form, you might notice things like pointier ears, sharper fangs, and even a better posture in some cases. Ask a friend or an Archon to Mirror for you to point out any changes and developments in your Dark Form, just to be sure.

Aside from physical changes, your clothes will also change, depending on the power of your Dark Form. Some creative Archons change their clothing into elaborate costumes and such at times. You might be thinking, “What about my original clothing?” Fret not, you are still actually wearing them. Think of the clothes that you have during your Dark Form as an illusion that everyone can see. So yes, your expensive Diaboli suit won’t disappear if you shift into your Dark Form.

Most fledglings and minor vampires would have a very basic Dark Form. They more or less look the same as they usually are, but with subtle changes in ears, fangs, and physique.

Elder vampires (usually Archons) are on a totally different level. Aside from being able to shift to their subtle Dark Form, they can go on further and shift into something more elaborate to the point that they are almost unrecognizable. There are a variety of Dark Forms, with many ranging from beautiful to monstrous.

Some famous Archons are known just for their Dark Forms, like Grand Master Straud (Nosferatu), Grand Archon Sieg (imperial regalia), and Archon Stuart (butterfly-winged). However, there are some cases when extremely skilled vampires can hide their Dark Form completely. Simply hiding one’s Dark Form while active already requires much power, which means that these vampires are probably the most powerful. Vampires who harness this are often skilled assassins or elder vampires.

How Do I Shift to My Dark Form?

Take a deep breath first.

Let your inner self take hold and call out to it in your mind.

You will experience slight dizziness, but it will pass.

But once you feel this surge of power flowing within you, you have achieved your Dark Form.

Every Archon teaches this acronym to their fledglings:


D – Don’t let yourself be seen.
A – Always check your surroundings.
R – Remember to take a deep breath.
K – Know the consequences of a prolonged Dark Form.

Don’t let yourself be seen when shifting, especially when you’re out in public. You must shift to your Dark Form in a toilet stall or in an alleyway. The only exception is during open conflict with other vampires or other supernaturals. Remember to keep this in mind, and you won’t violate any taboo.

Always check your surroundings. Shifting to Dark Form requires a bit of time and makes you vulnerable. Fast shifting requires immense skill, which takes even Archons decades to master, so play it safe and don’t leave yourself wide open.

Remember to take a deep breath. There are times when fledglings go into bloodlust right after shifting into their Dark Form. Keep calm, and take a deep breath. Remember why you shifted in the first place. There are times when exhaling comes out as a low hiss, which adds to the intimidation factor. Skilled vampires have been known to scare away opponents just by shifting without fighting at all.

Know the consequences of a prolonged Dark Form. Our Dark Form grants us immense power and speed, but remember that there are consequences if you don’t shift back to normal. These include loss of stamina, increased bloodlust, and the worst possible case: turning feral. Remember, a feral vampire in dark form is incredibly dangerous!

Be Responsible

Now here’s a section that I’d like to elaborate on. Please be responsible while you’re in Dark Form. Some vampires might use their Dark Form to cheat on certain things or hurt others without reason. Remember that we only have to maim others when we have to; otherwise we’re no different from ferals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I be naked during my Dark Form?
A: This is forbidden, according to Vampiric Code 6785, or the “Law Against Nakedness During Dark Form In Order to Maintain Vampiric Decency.” And goodness, man, everyone, including humans and ghouls, have some semblance of public decency!

Q: How do I shift back to normal?
A: Like putting away something in your drawer, that’s also what you do with your Dark Form. Concentrate, keep calm, and seal your Dark Form to use for another night.

Q: Is it true that one’s libido increases while in Dark Form?
A: Some vampires have reported this phenomenon, while others haven’t. Remember that a Dark Form varies from vampire to vampire.

Q: Is it possible to have an attractive Dark Form? I’m not having any luck with women.
A: Yes, it is possible! You can also be as repulsive as you want if you prefer to be left alone.

Q: Can you change your own gender during Dark Form?
A: Only for cosmetic purposes. A few male Archons have womanly Dark Forms and the opposite also works for women. However, you will still be biologically the same as your normal form.

Q: If we can shift into bats, can we also have animal Dark Forms? I wanna be a cat because it is my favorite animal.
A: Why not? You’d need to have a high level of skill to be able to do that, however.

Q: Can my Dark Form be a potato?
A: Who comes up with these nonsensical questions? Stop flooding my inbox!

I hope this covers everything you need to know about your Dark Form. When in doubt, always ask your Archon for guidance and advice. If you’re having difficulty shifting to your Dark Form, have your Archon write you a letter of recommendation to see a vampire physician in your area.

Thank you for reading, and good luck!

Contributor for this issue:

Archon Lawrence Alabaster – House Alabaster, Dark Form Researcher and Vampire Wellness Guru

Editor’s note: We would like to apologize for the misprint in this issue where a few nonsensical questions slipped their way into the FAQ. Rest assured, the Fledgling Primer team will be more careful in screening questions next time.

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    The Dark Potato of Underbottom Marsh . ..

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