The Fledgling Primer – Issue 3

Mirroring – A Vampiric Custom

I was at a drinking soiree in the Fashion District the other week, meeting with other Archons from the Association and discussing current events happening in our neighborhood lately, from the variety of designer coffins available lately to the organic plasma fruit sold at the corner of Tennouzaka and Tanikuni Streets. But I was more interested in what other people wore. You see, I design clothes for vampires and only vampires. Vampires need to make a lasting impression in our world, which is why I will discuss the art of Mirroring to all you fledglings. It is an old vampiric custom that seems to be losing popularity as of late. We need to preserve this custom, and for good reason! Let me discuss something interesting that happened that night.

One of the Archons at the soiree introduced to me one of their latest recruits. The fledgling was an accountant by trade and was apparently turned into a vampire by an accident involving an accounting ledger and another Archon’s pet hamster (long and funny story). His Archon introduced him to me as Calvin (not his real name), and as courtesy, I replied by introducing myself, with his eyes widening upon hearing my name. It happens a lot, as even my name is popular among the human world.

Calvin’s Archon then asked me how his new fledgling looks. I looked at the fledgling from top to bottom and openly described what he looked like and what he was wearing. This fledgling was a slightly hunched middle-aged man with curly, brown hair, a bald spot and round spectacles, which is typically not what most humans would imagine a vampire to look like. He had a stern look on his face, the kind that many office workers have during Mondays. His eyes look tired from years of poring over numbers and balancing them, and the expression of his mouth is something that tells me that he’s always had to answer to someone more superior than him throughout his whole life as a human. Poor thing.

Then I went on to describe his clothing. A brown suit jacket that screams of boredom, especially with those patterns that make it look as if he was born in the same century as I was ages ago. Under that was a light blue shirt with a red designer bow tie,  which was probably the only presentable thing about him. His shirt was tucked in by his brown, wool pants that had a waist that was too high, and the fit on his pants also made it look as if he was shorter than he actually seemed. Finally, as if things could not get any worse, he was wearing the ugliest pair of trainers that I have ever seen in my entire undead life.

Now as I said all of these words to Calvin, he gradually got mad. He gave me this look as if he was going to turn feral until his Archon placed his hand on his shoulder and explained what I just did.

What I just did to Calvin, is the act of Mirroring.

Mirroring is the act of being like a mirror to the vampire in front of you. Before the invention of magical mirrors and smartphone apps that allow vampires to see their own reflection, vampires in the past had Mirroring in order to help them groom each other and confirm if their appearance is presentable enough to others. The earliest recorded form of Mirroring was in the early 16th century in Lutece, which is the capital of fashion in the world nowadays.

One aspect of Mirroring is that you have to be completely honest with the person you’re Mirroring with. In my case, I describe everything I see on the vampire including what I think about them, which is why I said all of those things to Calvin. Other vampires might have kinder words to say about Calvin’s appearance, but it was probably that Archon’s mistake to have a fashion designer like me Mirror for his latest fledgling. You might think that I lack social graces and such, but when it comes to people’s clothing, I have to be completely honest because that is how passionate I am about making vampires look better than any other supernatural. I won’t be able to make the vampiric fashion world a better place if I keep walking on eggshells.

Mirroring also helps vampires be more honest with each other, and it is a wonderful way to get on your Archon’s good side.

That is why I am proud to have Mirroring as a vampiric custom. We are the only supernaturals that have this custom, so we must preserve it for future generations of vampires.

As for Calvin, I gave him a makeover, free of charge, much to his Archon’s surprise. By the time he left my studio, he looked as if the moon was just shining on him. He shaved his head to accentuate emphasis on his now-confident face. He discarded his round spectacles for a pair of frameless ones which help with his appearance, and a trip to the dentist helped make his fangs look whiter.

His clothes also looked fabulous, with the custom-tailored gray suit jacket giving his nice physique more form, and the posture lesson given to him by his Archon helped give him a better gait. Under that suit was a white shirt with a light blue necktie, and his gray pants also have a slim fit, which makes Calvin look taller than he usually is. His shoes were a pair of black moccasins, which I envy, in all honesty.

Another job well done for Archon Basilio Flores, the vampiric world’s best fashion designer.

Tips When Mirroring

While any vampire can Mirror for someone, I believe that it is a skill that requires practice. Here are a few tips that might help if you want to Mirror for a friend or even your Archon.

  • Start from the head, then work your way to the bottom. In my case, I always go for hair, facial appearance, tops, bottoms, and shoes in that order.
  • Be honest. I cringe whenever I see a vampire Mirroring and leaving out important details. If your partner’s tie is too short, point it out! If their dress does not match with their purse, tell them! They will thank you for it later.
  • Do not fear if your partner takes offense, and never apologize if they do. Remember, you are acting as a mirror to your partner, and mirrors never lie. If they get offended, explain what Mirroring is in order to help them understand better.
  • Practice with your Archon! Your Archon is your primary source of information about vampiric customs, and you can learn a thing or two from them about Mirroring, especially if they’re centuries-old.

Contributors for this issue:

Archon Basilio Flores – Fashion Designer and Member of the Vampiric Fellows of Art and Culture

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2 Responses to The Fledgling Primer – Issue 3

  1. cathytea says:

    This is very fun!

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  2. RipuAncestor says:

    I like this idea a lot. Really fits with the vampire lore you’ve built, and would also suit a lot of other vampire lores in general.

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