Chapter 18.4 – The Sick Ghoul

I rise from my coffin to see a post-it from Preston and Park stating that they’ve left for Magnolia Promenade. Frowning upon Preston’s poor handwriting, I get dressed and check on Miggy who seems to have helped himself to some plasma fruit in the refrigerator upstairs.

“Miggy!” I grab his attention.

“Hello, Uncle Tony.” Miggy finishes chewing on one bit of plasma fruit before placing it back in the fridge. “I feel like going out tonight.”

“We can’t.” I tell him straight and let him sit down in the waiting area.

“Why can’t we go out tonight? I wanna go to the playground and play pirates!” Miggy tells me as I hope that Park and Preston were successful in acquiring the ginseng.

“It’s not safe outside, Miggy.” I tell the child. “There have been sightings of more vampire hunters around lately, so it’s best if we stay here.” That was actually a lie. Guild activity in our area has actually decreased, with the only things happening being minor skirmishes with no injuries. As the Doc would say, only a few scuffles here and there.

“You’re no fun.” Miggy replies while fidgeting in his seat.

“Now I have to keep watch here. Why don’t you go over to Preston’s room and play some games on his computer? Just remember to lock the door.”

“Really? I get to use his cool computer?”

I nod and wonder how Preston was able to get such a high-end computer in his room. Last time I checked their quarters, his computer was almost 20 years old and still used a floppy disk drive. And the Doc doesn’t even give him a salary.

“Now, remember this, Miggy.” I recall something important. “Whatever you do, don’t open the door for anyone else but me.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.” Miggy looks back at me and runs downstairs to Preston’s room.

Now to do a bit of cleaning while he’s out of the picture.

“This hideout looks bigger than mommy’s hideout.” Larry comments as I examine the front door of Archon de Guzman’s clinic.

“Larry, get over here and pretend you’re sick!” I gesture the big oaf to come over and start knocking on the door.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Hello? Is the doctor in?” I call out.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“I’ve got a very sick ghoul here outside and we don’t know what’s wrong with him!”

“Owie! Tummy hurt bad!” Larry exclaims as if he’s acting for real. Or maybe he really has a stomachache. I can’t really get him to follow instructions well even though Ms. Malefica tells me that Larry is a fast learner.

I knock on the door a few more times and get impatient, so I turn the knob and realize that it was open all along. After looking at Larry, I gesture him to come with me inside.

“Would you look at this place, Larry! It’s pretty big!” I cannot help myself from exclaiming as the hideout looks way bigger than ours. It also has a much cleaner feeling than Archon Malefica’s hideout.

“Something smell nice.” Larry comments as I get a whiff of something lavender-scented, as if someone was cleaning.

I look at the front desk to see no one there. Where is everyone?

“Hello?” I call out. “Dr. de Guzman?”

“May I help you?” a vampire with glasses emerges from the adjacent room, giving us a stern look.

Is this the Doctor? He looks a bit different. I also find it quite odd that he wears glasses given that vampires have perfect vision. Maybe he just likes wearing glasses. And then I remember the lines from the script.

“Oh, oh! We need your help, Doctor.”

“You are mistaken. I’m his assistant. The Doctor is currently on vacation.”

“Oh, pardon me! But I heard this place is the only supernatural clinic in town!” I plead with the vampire and elbow Larry for his cue.

“What that for?” Larry seems to have forgotten that he was supposed to weep during this part.

The vampire raises an eyebrow.

“I see. If it’s minor, I suppose I can help. But if it’s something serious, it requires the Doctor’s examination. Is this for you, or–”

“It’s for him.” I point to Larry who is just smiling. He’s supposed to pretend that he’s sick!

“I’m very sick.” Larry finally says one of his lines right. “Is that right, Kumar?” the oaf whispers to me, but the vampire didn’t seem to mind it.

“Well then, I suppose I should perform a few things first.” the vampire says as he gestures us to sit in the waiting area. After a few minutes, he brings over a few tools that doctors use, like a stethoscope and other things I’m not familiar with.

The vampire then gives me a sheet to fill out for Larry’s personal information. I just make quick guesses and brisk through the form while the vampire performs some diagnostics on Larry.

“Could you tell me what hurts?” the vampire asks Larry.

Everything. I say to myself and grin a bit. That was a bad joke. Maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep later again.

“Tummy hurt. Hurt bad!” Larry exclaims as the vampire places the stethoscope on Larry’s belly.

“Well, it seems like a normal tummyache. Nothing major for a ghoul like you. I can let you use the toilet downstairs.” the vampire gestures toward a staircase leading to the basement. And then I remember the plan from this point on.

Once Larry pretends to have a stomachache and goes to the toilet, I distract the vampire I meet in some way until Larry can abduct the child, throw him in the waste chute, where Madame is waiting on the other end, and then walk out as if nothing happened. A brilliant plan by Madame!

“Do you need a check-up as well?” the vampire asks me as I focus once again on what we’re supposed to do.

“Er, no. Actually, I thought we could just wait here and chat for a bit. You see, my friend has trouble with bowel movement.” I make up another excuse on the spot.

“Ah, yes. Ghouls and their complex digestive system. You don’t seem to be a ghoul.”

“Oh, no! I’m 100% human, Mr. Vampire! I just work for a House.”

“Really? Which House are you from?”


Wait. WAIT, WHY DID I SAY THAT? Oh, gods!

“I think I’ve heard of that House before.”

“Ummm, I actually meant to say Magnifica. Silly me! I just have a bit of trouble with Simlish names.” I laugh, feeling nervous at the same time. Whew!

The vampire then smiles.

“Since you said that it might take a while, I know a way to pass the time. Maybe you’d care to play a game with me?”

“Um, okay. Sure!”

Distract whoever’s in charge at all costs, so I guess I’ll have to play with him until Larry gets the kid.

Preston had a lot of cool stuff down here, so I spent quite a bit of time rummaging through the clutter in his room. I found a few neat keychains and magazines with girls on them. An adult would probably prevent me from reading them, though.

Before I get to Preston’s computer, I hear a knocking on the door. I didn’t bother locking it since I don’t really get why Uncle Tony says that there might be danger lurking around. And locking doors is a pain. I just wanna play some games.

That’s probably just Uncle Tony knocking.

“Come in! Door’s open!” I call out.

But instead of Uncle Tony, a person whom I’ve never seen before enters. And he’s huge!

“Hey, you’re not Uncle Tony! Who are you?”

The big man just smiles and lunges towards me with his big arms.

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  1. RipuAncestor says:

    Uh-oh! Run, Miggy!


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