Prologue – The Pursuit


It’s a cold fall night in Windenburg. People are observing the anniversary of the Second War of the Candles, so no one is out on the streets but hooded mourners with candles. The central plaza is void of life and the usual revelry, and I find myself pursuing Don Antares there. I catch sight of a figure wearing a top hat and run after him.

“CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, FLEDGLING!” the Don mocks me as he flees from our previous skirmish. While Preston, Antonio, and Park are holding off the corrupted Paragons, here I am after the Don so that I could end it once and for all.

The Don heads for the statue of The Worker, a memorial for those who died during the Second War of the Candles. I go after the Don and lose sight of him once I look behind the statue. Where the bloody hell did he go?

“SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!” I challenge the Don who might be in hiding. “There’s nowhere left to run. Admit defeat! Your corrupted Paragons are being scattered by my minions, and there is no point in running away from the inevitable.”

“I will not admit defeat, my boy!” I hear the Don’s voice from the other side of the statue as I rush to check.

He’s not here. Where is he hiding?

“No more tricks, Don.” I call out to my former mentor. “Let’s settle this like gentlemen and get on with our undead lives.”

“Very well then.”

Behind me, the Don appears from the shadows and reveals himself. I notice the few cuts I made to his suit from our battle earlier, and he is panting from the running. He’s getting too fat and old to be fighting.

“I must applaud you for coming all this way to see me, Domingo my boy.” the Don talks to me in a condescending manner.

“That’s because you have indirectly tried to kill me with your manipulation of others, you coward.”

The Don laughs and starts reminiscing what happened.

“My dear Minggoy.” the Don addresses me with an old nickname. “Stealing my name and my wife is a greater misdeed. And a vampire may never change his name in the vampire register once they acquire it.”

“And here you are plotting something that threatens all vampires. You always have to send your thugs to do the dirty work.”

“Ah, yes. The Pastor and his rebellious faction were quite an interesting lot. I just took advantage of Pastor Westfall’s hate against the late Head Pastor.” The Don speaks as I remember how we dealt with the Pastor and his shambling ferals back in Newcrest.

The Don starts circling around me as I go into battle stance, watching him for any tricks.

“And the Feng girl you disposed? Another useful test subject in my research. Her father was also a useful pawn in furthering my cause.” It also got my daughter involved, you sick bastard. And using the fae folk’s essence technology is forbidden by our current laws.

“Creating an army of artificial vampires is wrong. Vampirism must be acquired through natural means. That violates every tenet of the Vampiric Medical Code!” I remember my stern training as a doctor at Forgotten Hollow. Vampires must never be made through artificial means.

The Don started his experiments with the Pastor’s group, and then with Cherry Feng. Now he corrupted the Paragons of Windenburg and made them into super vampires that are only obedient to him.

“You’re the younger vampire yet you’re the conservative one, Minggoy! And I thought you young folk were all about being progressive.”


“AND BY JOVE, DAMN THE GRAND MASTER’S NAME AND EVERYONE UNDER HIS GOD-FORSAKEN LEAGUE!” the Don’s face turns red and shouts loud enough to be heard across the entire plaza. He clears his throat after and resumes circling around.

“Vampires don’t need to be bound by these outdated laws and meaningless bureaucracy!” the Don continues his monologue. “Vampires need to be wild! Free! We were born from the chaos of the Second War of the Candles! That is what I firmly believe in, Minggoy. And as your teacher, I hope that you will see the error of your ways and join me. Together, we shall take down the Grand Master and abolish his asinine rule, for the liberation of every vampire.”

“I’m afraid I must decline your offer. Having things the way they are now is for the benefit of every vampire out there. Your way will only create unnecessary chaos for all vampires and leave us vulnerable to the ghouls and werewolves.” I retort.

“You have always been like this, my boy. Always resistant to my every offer even if it will benefit both of us.”

“I simply find your methods extreme and illogical.”

“See, this is what I feared when you started recovering fragments of your lost memories. You’re starting to become more like your old, weak human self.” the Don tells me and grins, which catches me off guard.

“What do you mean, you old fool?”

“The Miguel I knew was compassionate, obedient, and dutiful, like a well-mannered child. The perfect servant. Don’t you want to be Miguel again?”

All I know about Miguel is that he was an obedient servant who fell in love with his mistress. He was conscripted during the Second War of the Candles and died in battle, only to rise as a vampire named Domingo de Guzman later on.

“I am no longer Miguel. I am now Dr. Domingo de Guzman.” And there is no longer any part of me that is like Miguel.

“And that forced me to stick to another name, even though I had the de Guzman name first.”

The Don sighs and looks at me with a deadpan gaze.

“My boy, you will not stop me. Let’s get that clear. The Grand Master will be sealed in a gilded casket forever, and the League will finally crumble.”

With that, he snaps his finger as I feel something sharp sting my neck.


“What did you do? Damn you!” I curse and try to search for the affected area with my hand. A needle drops to the ground and I assume that I might have been drugged. The chemical starts to work its way in me as the debilitating effect makes me collapse to the ground.

“This will be painless, I assure you, my boy.” the Don puts his hands in his pockets as I start to writhe in pain on the ground.

“You said that this will be painless!” I manage to say as I feel my veins starting to pop.

“I guess I’m a bad liar then.”

“Damn you!”

The Don laughs at me as I feel more aching in my body.

“My boy, doesn’t it feel disappointing to have almost caught me and now be in this situation? The person you want to kill is already within your reach and yet you got caught off guard. Why, if I were in your position, I would also feel angered.”

“Fuck… you.” I curse the Don using the shortest word I know.

“I’ll have to be honest, my dear boy. You were the greatest obstacle in my path to getting rid of the Grand Master. And now, you will no longer be a threat to me or to anyone ever again.”

I try to guess what kind of drug has made me immobile, but something inside my body seems to be moving. My body jerks a bit as the Don chuckles at my suffering.

“You’re a thousand years too young to challenge me, my boy.” the Don tells me as I try to move or speak, but my body won’t react. “That’s because you were born yesterday.”

My body makes no movement, but my eyes still look at him in the face.

“Hm? The drug must be taking full effect now. It will only be a matter of time now, my boy.”

What drug is this anyway? It’s getting harder to think and breathe. I try to curse at him again but I only manage to grunt.

“Wondering what that drug was? I’ll just let you find out yourself.”

The Don then laughs.




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3 Responses to Prologue – The Pursuit

  1. pronterus says:

    Question for you guys: What do you think will happen to the Doc? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hmmm…is he turning into a cat? a toddler? …I think he is probably not dieing, as it would end the Doc’s adventures, and nobody would want that! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RipuAncestor says:

    Ooh, suspense right away! I have no idea what will happen to the Doc, but a part of me fears and maybe even hopes (for the sake of drama) it’s something horrific. But survivable. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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