Short Story – The Freaky Night

“Preston! PRESTON!” I hear the Doc calling for me again as I’m eating dinner with Park.

I just sigh and think that he’s probably going to make me move the plasma vats to another end of the hideout again, so I keep eating.

“PRESTON! Where the hell are you?” the Doc shouts again as I hear him going up the stairs.

“Maybe important, Presto.” Park looks at me with concern.

“Nah, it’s probably another one of his petty requests.” I tell Park as I take another spoonful of cereal. Yes, I eat cereal for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“There you are!” I hear the Doc’s voice from behind but still ignore him. I haven’t eaten yet. “I’ve been calling for you the past minute, you useless manifestation of ectoplasm!”

“We’re eating, Doc.” I tell him as I eat another bite of cereal.

“Um, Presto? Maybe should look at Doctor. Look strange.”

I sigh and move to the next chair for a better look at the Doc.

Oh my god.

“Well? What are you staring at? Haven’t you seen a male vampire pregnant before?” the Doc says as I try to process what exactly I’m looking at.


“I’m guessing this is the work of aliens. This must have been why my belly was aching for the past few nights.”

I just look at the Doc’s belly, which has already expanded.

“I can’t even wear my favorite suits with this blasted thing inside me!”

“Wait, Doc. Do you remember how you got that? How did the aliens get your attention?”

The Doc then sits down on the chair and narrates what happened.

It was a typical day. I decided to sleep on the bed since my coffin was just varnished, and the strong chemical scent from it hurt my nose.

Then I had a dream. Blue-skinned aliens who were doing all sorts of things to me, and I saw all kinds of medical equipment that I’ve never seen before. It was as if I was a test subject. All kinds of tubes were hooked up into almost every crevice I can remember. They took all kinds of samples from me, like my bodily fluids, plasma, and even semen. If I saw myself at that time, it would’ve probably looked horrific.

By the time I came to, I was back in bed again and noticed that two nights have passed. My belly started to ache, like there was something rearranging my organs by force inside to make way for something.

The pain became more frequent as my belly continued to expand. I thought it was bad gas at first, but when I took an x-ray of myself, I saw a small figure growing inside me. No doubt about it; there’s an alien baby in me.

“That was… pretty wild, Doc.” I comment, still not inclined to believe his story. But at least that explains why he wasn’t around for a while. “And here we are, looking at a pregnant Doc.”

“The incubation period is faster than I thought. Unlike the normal nine months, the baby should come out in two days if I time it right.”

Park then asks something to the Doc in Koguryeon, making out only the word why.

The Doc replies in Koguryeon and translates it into Simlish for me. “He suggested something extreme, but I won’t get rid of the baby. It’s unethical, even for a vampiric doctor such as myself. Seeing this baby born will now be a priority so that I can get back to work.”

“Should we get you admitted to the hospital soon?”

“Yes, that’s a good idea. But don’t tell Antonio anything about this.” the Doc tells me as I remember Antonio being sent off to train with a vampiric pharmacist for two weeks. “He must never know.”

Park and I nod as I get up from my seat to call the hospital.

“This won’t hurt a bit, Dr. de Guzman.” the red-haired doctor assures me as I enter the delivery room.

“It better not, ghoul.” I look at the ghoul doctor as he just laughs it off.

“I see you’re still calling me that. Just like old times!” As I step into the delivery machine, I recall him as one of the ghoul students I had when I gave lectures about vampiric medicine. He is quite talented for a ghoul, which is rare.

“Clarence, was it?” I remember his name as the machine starts to make a whirring sound.

“It’s Dr. Clarence now, sir.” the ghoul doctor smiles as he pushes more buttons in the machine. “Now please stay still. The machine is going into operation mode.”

I feel the baby inside me kick more as the machine spreads my legs apart to help with the delivery.

“The machine will reduce the pain, but you’ll have to do some pushing, Doc.” Clarence says as I see a digital prompt from the machine saying, PUSH NOW!

I start pushing the baby out of me and realize that women must have it tough. Why did aliens have to stick a baby inside me for their sick experiment? They’ll pay for this.

And they can start by paying for the hospital expenses.


“One last push, Doc! You can do it!” I hear Preston’s voice from behind as I keep pushing.


With the last push, I feel every bit of energy inside me leave, but I feel relieved and much better.

“It’s over, Doctor. Congratulations.” the ghoul doctor carries the baby towards me as the machine starts releasing me.

“It’s a boy, Doc!” Preston squeals with glee as I look at the alien baby in my arms. Its skin isn’t blue yet, but it will probably look like the others when it matures.

“Yes, Doctor! Very cute baby!” Park looks at the baby with interest.

“I can see that.” I tell Preston as I rock the baby in my arms, noticing the small and stubby fangs in its mouth.

“Will you raise him, Doc? It’d be nice to have a baby around the hideout.

“And have him exposed to the danger of our business? I only had Dominica and my other son when we lived in a safe neighborhood with my ex-wife. So given the circumstances now, I think it’s best to send him back to his homeworld, where he belongs.”

“Aww, and I thought we were going to buy all kinds of toys for the cute baby!” Preston says with excitement as he puts his finger near the baby’s mouth.

And then the baby bites him.

“Good-bye, Dominico.” I say farewell to the baby after finding the alien bassinet in my room. “As much as I’d like to take care of you, you must stay with your own kind. Vampires and aliens don’t mix, but a hybrid like you might thrive on your home planet.”

I push a button on the bassinet and see a blue light ready to teleport the baby away. As the baby is being readied for teleportation, I hear a voice.

“Greeting. Salutations, sim life-form.” an odd voice speaks from above.

“That voice! You’re an alien, aren’t you?”

“Gratitude. Allow me to express my gratitude in taking part in our experiment to help us understand sim life-forms like you better.”

“You should have asked for my permission first.”

“Apology. Rest assured, it will never happen again. We shall take good care of your baby.”

“You’d better! You now have an alien-vampire hybrid with you.” And an offpsring of an Archon, to add.

“Gratitude. We thank you again. Dominico will be in good hands.” the voice pronounces the name I gave the baby with a robotic tone.

The bassinet with the baby slowly disappears into molecular particles as the blue light goes along with it.

But wait, I forgot one thing.

I forgot to demand that they pay me for the hospital expenses! Damn it!

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5 Responses to Short Story – The Freaky Night

  1. Rendora says:

    I really liked this story! Thank you so much for putting it together!
    I have a question, though, since I’m not as far along in the story as I should be: Are the ghouls in this universe similar to VTM ghouls? (Essentially, humans who are given a monthly portion of vampire blood; they receive some vampire abilities and don’t age as long as they get this monthly supplement.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • pronterus says:

      The ghouls in my story are a bit different. While they are immortal, they still age physically. And instead of blood, they eat human flesh and organs, and they can walk around fine in the daytime. Ghouls are basically failed vampires that had incompatible blood with their master, and as such, are often discriminated against in my world.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. qwomlee says:

    Hey, I’m a silent lurker but I really love your story. The alien’s way of speech kinda remind me of how the Glitch talk in Starbound πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Minraed says:

    I just discovered this through the Sims forums “tasty read”. This is a good read, enough to make me curious about the storlyline. I hope to find some time soon to go back and read a bit of this.

    Liked by 1 person

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