Chapter 15.2 – The Fall

“Puny little vampire.” Cherry taunts as this battle seems almost impossible to win. But I still have to fight. Dominica is pinned down, the Doc has a broken leg, and I’m struggling against this beast.

Cherry looks at me with the fury of a beast as I watch her closely for her next move.

I attempt to activate my alluring mist, but it doesn’t seem to come out properly and instantly dissipates as soon as it appears. Cherry notices this and tackles me from behind, letting go of Dominica. I get knocked back as Dominica leaps onto Cherry’s back, but Cherry uses her muscular arms to get her off.

I recover and use my vampiric speed this time to hit Cherry from behind, but she detects this and slashes me. I manage to evade the slash by stepping sideways, but I bump into one of her mirrors.


“NO! MY MIRROR! THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!” Cherry shouts with rage as she attempts to grab me, but Dominica grabs Cherry’s legs to make her trip.

“The mirrors, Dominica! Smash all of the mirrors!” I tell her as I run to a mirror and fling it down to the ground to break it. Dominica nods and runs to another mirror to break it.

“You’re finally using your head!” I hear the Doc call out. “You now have an opening!”

As Cherry seems to be running towards Dominica to prevent her from destroying another mirror, I grab a glass shard and throw it at Cherry’s back. Cherry falls to her knees as Dominica and I start pummeling her with blows using our vampiric speed. She roars to shake us off her again, but I go for another mirror this time. Dominica throws another glass shard at her, and we hit Cherry with everything we’ve got.

She manages to roar with fury again but this time, she appears to be weakening. Cherry starts to sob in-between angry grunting.

“Those mirrors represent who I am! I won’t let you destroy any more!”

As both Dominica and I try to get back on our feet, Park rushes from the Doctor to take down another mirror, despite the Doc’s protests. Cherry shrieks again, this time aiming for Park, but I use my vampiric speed to block her just before she reaches Park. I lock hands with Cherry, trying to push her back, but she is simply too strong.

“Tony!” Park shouts as I do my best to keep Cherry away. Dominica attacks Cherry from behind with a large glass shard and manages to sink it deep into Cherry’s shoulder. Cherry shrieks and lets go of me. I prepare for an incoming attack by raising my arms, but she pushes me aside and rushes out of the mirror room.

ESSENCE! ESSENCE!” Cherry shouts as she runs on all fours like an ape.

“Where is she running off to?” Dominica wonders as we both pursue her.

“I saw a bubble machine on the way here.” the Doc tells us as Park helps him up from the ground. “That must be where her essence is. After her!”

We follow Cherry to another section of the huge penthouse unit and end up in a dark room with a bubble machine in the middle. As we enter through the door, Cherry is standing in front of the bubble machine, mumbling to herself.

“Give it up, Cherry.” I tell her, but she glares and then hisses at me.

“You will pay for those mirrors. THEY WERE EXPENSIVE!” Cherry hisses again.

“Serves you right.” I reply as I see that she has already taken out the glass shard Dominica struck her with earlier.

“And now it’s time for you to go down.” Dominica brandishes another glass shard, which angers Cherry again.

Cherry attempts to hit me with a slash, but something happens this time. The red mist suddenly comes out again, but this time it remains.

And Cherry just stops in her tracks, leaving her open.

“What am I…” Cherry says as she just looks at me.

“What’s that red mist, Antonio?” Dominica asks as she backs away from it.

“Alluring mist. Your dad told me all about it earlier. I still don’t know what it can actually do.” I look at the bewitched Cherry Feng, who seems to have completely become lost in thought.

“Daddy? Is that you?” Cherry looks at me with a familiar look on her face. She seems to be hallucinating and sees me as her father.

“Sweetie. Why are you doing this?” I reply, somehow knowing what to tell her. “Tell Daddy what’s bothering you.”

“I don’t think I’m pretty enough. I’m not as smart as my ahia Robert and as talented and beautiful as my achi Tiffany.” she tells me, as I think of how to reply to that.

“But you are my pretty little angel!”

“BUT THAT’S WHAT YOU KEEP TELLING MY ACHI! Can an angel look like this? I’ve become a monster. All because I became drunk with power. And that man, Daddy. That man filled my head with lies.”

Cherry then takes a deep sigh and continues to speak.

“Maybe it’s because of my jealousy that I ruined Tony’s life and captured vampires for my own selfishness. I knew I should’ve been more mature, Daddy, but I just wanted to look more beautiful.”

So this is why Cherry has been acting this way. I won’t know the whole story, but that doesn’t rid her of her crimes against many people. No amount of apology will be able to make up for what she did.

I then notice Park with the Doctor coming from behind and limping.

“An interesting development, Tonio.” he tells me. “The mist you produce makes people hallucinate with the person they love the most.”

“Which is why she saw me as her dad?”

Then Park drags a wiry Feng goon from behind and throws him onto the ground.

“He was sneaking around, but Park managed to surprise and knock him out with the jar of plasma fruit he was carrying.” the Doc explains.

“Very hard glass.” Park speaks as the lanky Feng goon is still unconscious.

I look at Cherry again. The red mist starts to disappear as Cherry snaps out of her trance and goes back to her old self.

“W-What happened? What sort of vampire trick did you pull?” she speaks to us again with a tone of hostility.

“You’ve been doing all of this just because you’re jealous?” Dominica asks Cherry.

“Answer my question! And what is my lackey doing on the ground, slacking off?”

“He’s unconscious, but he should wake up soon.” the Doc tells Cherry as she roars again.

“THE INCOMPETENT BUFFOON!” Cherry screams as she resumes her attack. “Only I can treat my lackeys that way!” She attempts to hit Dominica with a slash, but I deflect it and hiss back at her.

“Stop it!” I tell Cherry as she steps back to perform a charge. “Just give up already!” Dominica attempts to block her by standing in front of me this time, but I attempt to summon whatever power I have left in me to stop her charge.

Dominica and I both get hit as we get pushed back and land right at the Doctor’s feet.

“You two have been taking too long.” the Doc looks at us from above and steps forward, no longer limping.

“She’s strong, dad!” Dominica speaks as we both get up.

“Let us handle this, Doctor! She’s our responsibility!” I go into fighting stance again and watch Cherry for any more movement.

“Step aside, you two.” the Doc passes between us and heads for Cherry. “The sun’s almost coming up and we don’t have much time.”

Cherry roars again like a beast as I hear the Doc mumble some sort of chant in an ancient language. A red cross emitting a crimson aura appears on his right fist as he gets closer to Cherry. Cherry goes for a straight punch with her right fist, and the Doc does the same. The impact of the Doc’s fist punch knocks Cherry back and breaks the nearby essence bubble blower. Then the aura from the Doc’s right hand disappears and creates a red smoke. So this is the power of an Archon.

And just as the Doctor seems to be preparing for another attack, I hear another voice from behind.


I look behind and see that the Feng thug that Park captured regained consciousness.

“Miss Cherry, if that really is you, please stop. It’s over.” the timid-looking thug speaks.

“What do you mean it’s over?” Cherry asks as she gets up on both feet again. “I have money! I have power! And minions!”

“It’s your father, Miss Cherry. He recalled all of our men back to his control, including me.”

“That cannot be! I should have control! Daddy wouldn’t do that!”

“He told me to play this message for you.”

Cherry’s subordinate then brings out his phone and plays an audio recording.

…And tell my sweetiekins that I won’t be supporting her little vampire hunting fantasy any longer. You and your brother as well as the others can come back and work for me,  but as for her, tell her she can just work under her older brother as an assistant. That should give her some real-world experience and help her mature.

The recording ends, and I look back at Cherry, who looks speechless.

“Miss Cherry, I also want to report that we no longer have any men who can fight off the vampires outside, especially without your father’s support. I’m very sorry.”

Cherry clenches her fist, looking at her lackey with rage but then starts sobbing.

“What my dad is suggesting is a fate worse than death. I will just be humiliated for the rest of my life as the laughingstock of the Feng clan.” Cherry manages to put the words together even while sobbing.

“But Miss Cherry–”

“Shame is the worst thing for a Feng, you know? And I can’t face my family now, especially that I now look like this.” Cherry makes a deep sigh. “I should have never listened to that man.”

The Doctor then approaches Cherry.

“I’m giving you one last chance, Feng. You can still join us.” the Doctor suggests, even if Dominica and I disapprove of the idea. “I can help you get back at the man who manipulated you.”

“I refuse to keep living without a reflection. Vampires suck. And you all suck, especially you, Antonio.” Cherry then turns to the window behind her and poises herself. Is she actually going to–

“Wait!” the Doc calls her again. “I can help you!”

While roaring, Cherry ignores him and charges through the window. The Doc attempts to grab her, but it was too late. We all go to the window and watch Cherry plummet down from the penthouse to her doom.

“Oh well, there goes our lead to the Don.” the Doc says with disappointment as the cold early morning air comes into the penthouse. “I understand that both of you wanted to kill her yourselves, but I wanted to recruit her and use her power against my old mentor.” I see. He just wanted to use Cherry as a tool. But Dominica and I still feel like we haven’t satisfied our revenge.

“Dad, we wanted to kill that bitch.” Dominica tells the Doc.

“And she will kill herself. Look at that.” the Doc turns to a point where Cherry landed on the tracks. She attempts to run away from an incoming train, but she limps and gets torn in half from the impact, her ugly head rolling to the other side of the track. “See? You got your revenge. The early morning express train always passes through at this time. Karma hit her back hard.” No vampire, not even a vampire Cherry Feng could survive something like that.

I smirk a bit and notice that Dominica is doing the same. The Doc pats us both on the back.

“I guess that’s the end of her.” I quip as the Doc starts to ponder.

“Indeed. But we must remember that all of this was the Don’s doing, so we must not let our guard down. We should now focus on getting out of here and back to Newcrest.” the Doc turns about and looks at the wiry Feng goon. “Now, what do we do with you?”

Dominica and I look at the Feng lackey and watch him cower as the three of us approach him. Piss starts to flow out of the lackey’s right leg as his face turns red with embarrassment. This is the first time I’ve seen a grown man piss themselves.

“Please don’t hurt me, Mr. Vampire! I was just following orders!” the lackey squeals and cowers more. The Doctor just looks at the lackey in the eye as I grab the coward by the shoulder, being careful not to come in contact with his piss-stained right leg.

“He might be lying. I say we kill him.” Dominica says as she grabs the lackey’s other shoulder.

“On your order, Doc.” I brandish the nails on my right arm and wait for what the Doctor decides to do with him.

The Doctor’s eyes start to glow as he starts mumbling another incomprehensible spell.

And all of a sudden, Park gasps.

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    The end of an era! Cherries jubilee, anyone?

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