Chapter 15.1 – The Abomination

So this is the effect of gulping down a bottle of essence.

The monster roars at us and I take note of the large vampire fangs in her mouth. I look at the monster that Cherry Feng turned into and realize that she turned into some kind of vampire creature. While she is not exactly a vampire like us, there was probably something else in that bottle of essence that transformed her into what she is now.

An intriguing abomination.

“I HAVE…. POWER!” the monster speaks with an octave lower than her old voice.

“It can still speak!” Antonio exclaims as I gesture him and my daughter to stand back.

“How dare you call me an ‘it,’ Tony.” the Feng monster begins to talk. “I am now the ultimate being, surging with power.”

To hear this abomination still be able to talk coherently is amazing. Most abominations normally lose their ability to speak, but this Feng woman somehow managed to gain this much power only at the cost of her appearance. But one question remains, where did she get this power? Curious.

“Don’t you see that the essence has unleashed the real beauty in me? It is all thanks to that man’s work.” the creature speaks, still seemingly unaware of what she looks like. The little empty bottle that rolled away from her ends up on my feet and I pick it up to read the label.

Vampiric Essence: Antares Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

I knew it. My old mentor had something to do with this. Influencing the youngest daughter of the biggest crime syndicate in San Myshuno. I want to ask myself more questions, but Antonio calls my attention.

“Um, Doc?” Antonio says while I notice that he is in his dark form. “What do we do with her now that she’s some sort of vampire Shrek-creature?”

“To be frank, I’d like to capture her and put her in our lab for further study.” I tell my student as he looks at me in disapproval. Knowing what is in that essence and its effect on living things will be valuable material for medical research.

“Papa, we need to kill her.” my daughter says bluntly as the Feng monster glares at her.

“Oh, you won’t be killing me any time soon, Tony.” Cherry Feng starts circling around us while hunched; probably an effect of the essence overdose. “I plan to rule San Myshuno with this new power. I’ve always been in the shadow of my older siblings, so this will be my chance to gain power and overthrow my parents from power. The Feng clan will be mine!”

The three of us keep an eye on the creature that is giving its monologue as it starts circling around us.

“With my new power, I will first kill this vampire and his daughter for their essence.” Feng addresses me as I see my daughter brandish her nails. Each step Feng takes makes a heavy thud on the floor, indicating that she must have also gained weight from muscle growth.

“As for you, Tony, I have plans for you.” Feng approaches Antonio. “You will be my little plaything and become a part of my vampire harem, full of submissive men who are dedicated to serving and pleasuring me.”

“You sick monster.” Antonio retorts as the monster heads towards her mirrors.

“I will have fun dressing you up. And we will have grand vampire orgies, just like what I’ve seen on TV!” the Feng monstrosity continues while I frown upon her carnal intentions.

“Man, you watch too many sensual vampire series.” my daughter adds, leaving me clueless to what she’s referring to.

“SILENCE!” the monster hisses at the two minor vampires as she looks at the mirrors she has amassed.

And then an awkward silence. Feng looks at one mirror, then the other, and then the one at the end, until she returns to the one at the center.

“Why can’t I see myself? I need to look at myself!”

“Because vampires don’t reflect, you idiot!” Antonio insults the Feng monster as she looks at us with anger.

Then things go silent.

“…I COMPLETELY FORGOT!” the Feng monster shouts.

“You’re obsessed with vampires but you forgot that vampires don’t reflect?” Dominica taunts her. “That’s pretty dumb.”


“There is a way. Antonio!” I call my protege. “Show her what EspritCam can do.”

Antonio then brings out his phone, opens the app, and shows it to the Feng monstrosity.

“How’s that for an answer?” Antonio says as Cherry Feng starts to build rage. She grunts like an ape, takes Antonio’s phone and smashes it down to the ground.

“THAT MAN LIED TO ME!” Feng looks at us as if we were the ones at fault. “HE TOLD ME THAT THE ESSENCE WILL MAKE ME A BEAUTIFUL VAMPIRE!”

“Maybe you weren’t supposed to drink it.” Dominica quips.

“You broke my phone.” Antonio looks at his broken phone on the ground. “But I already reached level 144 on Happy Cat Island. It took me ages to get to that level.” he clenches his fist.

Cherry Feng just screams at us like an angry ape. Antonio and Dominica attempt to attack her, but I prevent them from doing so by going in-between.

“A test subject like her probably needs help in coming to terms with her new vampire life.”



It is no surprise that my two younglings will object, but I have always dedicated myself to helping vampires in need. This vampiric monstrosity simply needs guidance, and it will further vampiric medical research. And if she is indeed a product of the Don’s manipulations, maybe I could turn her against him.

“You see, I have sworn an oath at the Vampiric Medical Academy to help vampires without any bias, and the tantrum of this… fledgling is simply but a cry for help.”

“Doc, she ruined my life.” Antonio justifies.

“And she kidnapped Andre and tried to harm you!” Dominica adds.

I raise a finger to indicate them to let me speak.

“Ms. Feng here has simply been manipulated by a man that she trusted, and we can redirect that anger of hers towards him.”

“Who is this man she keeps talking about, Doc?”

“I’m talking about Don Antares. And I fear this has all been a ruse to distract us from fighting him.” I explain, fearing that the Don has amassed more power in Windenburg while we were distracted here. But why is he buying time?

Antonio looks at me in surprise but Dominica seems perplexed. Maybe it’s because I haven’t told her anything about my encounter with the Don recently.

“Your old teacher is behind all this?” Dominica asks.

“It’s a long story, Dominica.” I tell my daughter. “But it’s all starting to make sense now. Don Antares provided the means of creating essence to this poor girl who wants to live out her wildest vampire fantasy.” I explain to the two younglings.

“Um, Doctor…”

“This is why we have to stop someone like Don Antares. Not only is he planning to get rid of me, but he also seems to be using agents like Cherry Feng to get rid of rival Houses!”


“Let me finish!”

“Look out!”

But it was too late. I let my guard down. How foolish of me! I feel two large hands grab me with ease and hurl me towards the other end of the room. I crash hard onto a wall, hear a crack from my leg, and find myself leaning against it.



The nerve of this fledgling! Displaying how much power she has by throwing me against a wall to break my leg. I can overlook my oath for now. Screw the oath! This woman has to go down for assaulting an Archon.

Kill that bitch!” I call to the two younglings as I estimate the time my fracture will heal, which should take about twenty minutes. Park rushes to my aid and brings out a bandage, but I refuse it.

“It will heal on its own, Park.” I tell him in Koguryeon while enduring the pain of the fracture. “But give me some plasma fruit kimchi. I think this will be a good fight.”

The Doctor shouldn’t have done that. Cherry Feng ruined my life, and I believe she should be dealt with before she harms more people. As I see Park tend to him, Dominica and I look at the monstrosity called Cherry Feng.

“I don’t need any help from you or anyone else!” Cherry shouts with defiance. “I will create my own world of vampires! And I’ll start by destroying all of you!”

She roars with rage and charges as Dominica and I get out of her way and move to opposite sides. Dominica closes the distance by lunging with her sharp nails, but Cherry blocks her swing with her own arm, barely making a scratch. I attempt to grab Cherry from behind to perform a throw, but she is too heavy and shakes me off with ease.

Dominica steps back and jumps towards Cherry’s face, but Cherry manages to parry her attack by grabbing her arm and hurling her towards me. Dominica lands on me, which breaks her fall but ruins my momentum.

I move Dominica off me and stand back up, but she lunges close and delivers a solid uppercut to my chin. I end up on the ground, and Dominica steps back to help me up as we try to rethink our strategy against this beast.

“Even with the two of you, you are powerless to stop me!” Cherry laughs as we attempt to land another hit on her. I charge first this time, aiming to punch her in the face, but she manages to evade this and hit Dominica, who was charging behind me. I turn about and see her grab Dominica by the neck and watch as she gets slammed by Cherry to the floor.

Cherry is now on a rampage.

And there seems to be no way to stop her.

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