The Fledgling Primer – Issue 1


Dear fledgling,

If you have been given this brochure by an elder vampire or Archon, congratulations! You are now part of a community of more than 8,345,756 registered vampires around the world. As a mortal, you might have been exposed to negative stereotypes about us vampires, such as being brooding, sparkling in daylight, and preying on the living indiscriminately. These are all falsehoods created by people who are unaware of our existence. Reading this primer will help you through your first few nights in adjusting to the vampire lifestyle. It has been written by the League’s brightest and most talented Archons from their respective Associations.

I wish you the best in the vampire community. Welcome!


Grand Master Vladislaus Straud

Your First Few Nights

What is a vampire? We are immortal creatures that feed on blood on the living, but we are also businessmen, bankers, and any other profession found in the human world. As a fledgling, you now bear great responsibility with the gift that you have been given, so you must learn how to harness it well. We help all fledglings adjust to their new vampire lifestyle. That is the mission of The Fledgling Primer.


Let’s get started with the basics of being a vampire. Most of the activities that you performed normally while you were human are no longer possible. As you might already know, vampires cannot do any of the following:

  • Going out in the sun
  • Eating human food
  • Approaching places with garlic
  • Interacting with human friends and family
  • Exposure to holy relics (e.g. crosses, talismans, runes) or places of worship

Something important to remember: going out in the sun and being exposed to holy relics, especially those made of silver, will mean certain death. The sun will burn you into a crisp if you stay out for more than an hour. Exposure to a holy relic can burn our skin. Hunters can turn a vampire into ash with a silver crossbow bolt to the heart. A vampire may be immortal, but remember that we are not safe from these dangers and decapitation; no amount of regeneration can save us from that. While garlic may not harm us, its stench is enough to repel even the most ancient vampire. Some vampires might be resistant to garlic, but they are extremely rare cases.

Eating human food is fine if you want to pretend to be human among humans, but every single piece will taste horrible. This is due to the change in the taste buds on your tongue. Your stomach will also reject any human food it receives, so you will have to vomit it eventually.

Moreover, places of worship such as churches and shrines normally have a holy aura that repel us, but if say, for example, a church has been abandoned for a long time, it will no longer have its divine protection, leaving it as free real estate for any prospective vampire.

Now to discuss another important point, which is severing ties with friends and family. As a vampire, you are now basically dead to the people who knew you. You will now have to delete all of your social media accounts, phone contacts, and even your browser history, just to be on the safe side. The supernatural world has its own social media apps and sites, so no need to fret. We have to do this in order to prevent humans from knowing about our existence, as agreed upon by The Grand Convention of Supernaturals (2005).

You will also have to get used to your new physiology. As your body is still adjusting to its many changes, you might experience various body pains that may last for as short as four nights to as long as two weeks. Looking at your own reflection in a mirror is now impossible, as we do not reflect. If you are one of those vampires who are itching for a selfie, the app called EspritCam might be able to help.


A vampire sustains themselves with plasma, or what is more commonly known as blood. Plasma can be obtained from several sources, such as other sims, plasma packs, and plasma fruits (if you consider yourself a vegetarian vampire.)

Feeding off Someone

  • This is the most common method vampires use to sustain themselves. To perform a successful feeding, it is best to expose your fangs first to prime them for action. The power of hypnosis might usually be necessary to drink from a sim, but there are other ways. Drink from sims while they’re asleep, or catch them by surprise if you prefer a more clandestine method. However, always remember to conceal the unconscious sim somewhere to avoid suspicion from the human community. Say a word of thanks, and leave the area swiftly and quietly.
  • A word of warning, however; NEVER expose your fangs when you’re out in public. A trained vampire hunter will be able to spot you from a mile away. Moreover, avoid drinking from humans who look sick or unhealthy. For example, avoid drinking from those who are drunk; they will probably make you as drunk as they are. Also, as much as possible, avoid drinking from those who take harmful drugs or substances, especially those who look high.

Plasma Packs

  • Another way to feed is to look for plasma packs, which are acquired from donors who think that they are giving away their blood to charity. Plasma packs can be bought at almost any convenience store, thanks to the efforts of vampire-owned companies to put them in the human market. While a plasma pack or two can help sustain a vampire for a night, vampires still need to drink from healthy sims regularly.

Plasma Fruits

  • The discovery of the plasma fruit revolutionized the way vampires lived. Thanks to the plasma fruit, vampires who abhor drinking from sims can now eat or drink from a fruit that has a substance that is similar to blood. The taste is slightly different, but it can satiate a vampire’s thirst. Since humans think that plasma fruits are a popular ingredient for salads and cocktails, they are available at almost any convenience store or grocery.


Never allow yourself to become thirsty. Always bring a few packets of plasma with you wherever you go. When a vampire has been deprived of plasma for a long period of time, they lose their minds and devolve into savage beings we call ferals, which hunters can’t seem to differentiate from us normal vampires. Ferals will attack any vampire or hunter indiscriminately, which makes them incredibly dangerous to deal with. When running out of plasma, contact your Archon immediately.


As a vampire, you now have access to various abilities that weren’t possible when you were human. The list of abilities that a vampire may develop is exhaustive and is still growing even to this day, but here are the most common ones that almost every vampire should have:

  • Increased physical strength
  • Sharp nails
  • Hypnosis
  • Regeneration of wounds
  • Bat transfiguration
  • Stealth in shadowed areas
  • Dark Form
  • Immortality

One of the first powers you might develop are physical strength and stealth. Bat transfiguration is probably the trickiest power for a fledgling to master, but it will be an essential skill, especially if you need to escape from a hunter.


When a vampire gets stronger, they might develop their abilities more and develop new powers. If they get strong enough, their Potential will manifest. Potential is an ability that is unique only to that vampire, and a vampire awakens to it after experiencing an incredibly stressful event. Vampires who have awakened their Potential might be able to use unusual abilities, such as turning into mist, being able to speak various languages, or even being able to count a jar of beans with just one look. With enough training, you will be able to unlock your unique Potential as well. It is said that a Potential is something that is relevant to your past.

Dark Form

Every vampire has its own Dark Form, which is what a vampire is supposed to look like; the more warped the Dark Form, the stronger a vampire is. That is the general rule, but there are some vampires who have a Dark Form without changing their appearance.

You will develop more powers as you grow stronger, and the Archon you serve under will be able to help you improve.


Houses are associations of vampires led by an Archon, or a leader. A House can have a minimum of 20 members to a maximum of 600. In some parts of the world, Houses are called clans or covens, but the widely-used term nowadays is House. As a fledgling, you must first register in the Association that your House belongs to and fill up the necessary paperwork. You can ask for these forms from your Archon or any of his or her lieutenants. All vampires must be registered under their respective Association as ordered by Grand Master Vladislaus Straud (Vampiric Code 749 section C)

This is where the hierarchy of a House starts to get tricky. A House is the smallest unit of governance in the vampire world, and Houses gather under an Association with a Grand Archon as its chair. Then, all Associations are under The League of Vampires, which is headed by the Grand Master himself. The League is an international association of vampires, spanning across more than 70 countries with the small town of Forgotten Hollow as its seat of power.


A vampire under a House must also follow a code of conduct, which usually differs depending on the House they’re in. However, the most general rules are as follows:

  • In order not to arouse suspicion in sim communities, members are only allowed to drink from one human every two nights.
  • Members serve the House of the Archon that sired them for eternity; unless they defeat an Archon or gain enough recognition in the community to establish their own House.
  • Members address their Archon or other Archons with the title they have, such as Count, Don, or Duke. Other Archons prefer being addressed by their profession, such as Doctor or Attorney.
  • Members may live outside the hideout and among humans, but this is generally discouraged as the Archon’s hideout was designed to be safe and accommodate all members.
  • Members must always conceal the fact that they are a vampire when among humans.
  • Members must attend weekly meetings held by the Archon of their House.
  • Members are expected to serve their Archon with loyalty, diligence, and hard work.
  • Betrayal is punishable by decapitation or sealing (the vampire is sealed in a special coffin with silver nails until they die of thirst).

Remember, an obedient vampire is a good vampire!


Now that you are a fledgling vampire, the job that you used to have might no longer be suitable. Most vampires still have the job that they had when they were human, but many jobs will now be impossible to do as a vampire, such as being a lifeguard at the beach or a 9-5 desk slave at a corporate job. Since we can only be active at night, majority of vampires are part of the criminal underworld. However, here are some suggested professions that a vampire can take, aside from criminal ones:

  • Call center agent – These places are always looking for workers to cover graveyard shifts. The pay is high, and it comes with all the benefits you can possibly imagine.
  • Vampiric lawyer – The Vampiric Academy in Forgotten Hollow is always looking for aspiring vampire lawyers to pass the bar since Vampiric Law has become increasingly complicated. Lawyers can eventually become a Prefect, which is like a roving superior vampire authorized by The League to investigate erring Houses.
  • Vampire physician – A vampire’s physiology is quite complex, which has seen an increased demand for more physicians. The League regularly offers scholarships to the brightest vampires. Those who pass may take up law in order to become a medico legal.
  • Night security – Some Houses run security companies that only operate at night, replacing sleepy old men who guard warehouses.
  • Plasma fruit farmer – Since plasma fruits can only be harvested at night, there has been an increased demand for more laborers to work at dark fields.

Being a vampire covers many topics, and it cannot cover only one issue. Remember to purchase the next issue of The Fledgling Primer to find out more about your vampiric abilities!

Contributors of this issue:

Archon James Lampwell, Editor-in-Chief

Archon Cyril de Valle, Proofreader, Resources Specialist

Archon Josefina Wu, Dark Form and Powers Specialist

Dr. Simon Louis Castille, Archon of House Castille, Medical Specialist

Dr. Domingo de Guzman, Archon of House de Guzman, Medical Specialist

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