Chapter 14.3 – The Confrontation

That went easier than expected.

While I distracted the guard, Antonio leaped from the shadows and tackled the guard from behind. The guard tried to get him off, but Antonio’s fangs were already sinking into his neck. As soon as he was subdued, Park and I bound his hands with rope. With that settled, we entered the penthouse unit of Cherry Feng.

“This brings back memories.” Antonio comments as we walk down the hallway of the massive penthouse.

“You were often here when you and that Feng woman were together?” I ask him as I see Park admiring the furnishings like a child in a toy store.

“All the time. I sometimes had to do my writing here.” Antonio replies as I think about our next course of action.

“Now we need to find my daughter and confront that Feng woman. Start with that door, Park. If you find my daughter, bring her to us at once.” I order Park to enter a nearby door as he nods and complies. “As for us, Antonio, let’s go look for Cherry Feng since she’s a bigger threat. Might you have any idea where she may be?”

“The mirror room.” Antonio answers. “She started going crazy after buying all kinds of mirrors.”

“I suppose we should go look for this mirror room then.” I let Antonio lead the way as I see Park enter a room and close the door.

I follow Antonio to a part of the penthouse unit that seems to have been used as a basketball court at some point. Along the way, I took note of a peculiar bubble machine that gave off a familiar scent. That must be something we should look at later.

“There she is, Doc.” Antonio whispers to me as we see a woman in the middle of a big room full of mirrors. And she appears to be humming to herself.

People bow down to my beauty~

And if they dare oppose me~

I’ll jut cut them down~

And show off their heads to town~

“It’s been a long time, Cherry.” Antonio speaks up as we approach, grabbing the Feng woman’s attention.

“Who– what?” the Feng woman gets interrupted from her spell and turns her head towards us.

“Quite a lot of mirrors you have here, Ms. Feng.” I comment and admire some of the antiques that she has gathered. “An 1859 vintage Refleksson and a 1943 full-length Steiner; very rare antiques that cost a fortune.”

“What a surprise. I thought I had you killed, Tony.” the Feng woman looks at Antonio. She seems to have ignored my comment. “It puzzles me how you escaped from my goons. Did you manage to bribe them with what little you had? You pathetic little man.”

“You seem to have forgotten. Your goons just dropped me off at Willow Creek, penniless.”

“Those worthless shits. I told them to kill you after dropping you off.” Feng curses and glares at me.

“And who is this man?”

“Let’s just say that we have a strong bond that has been sealed for eternity.” Antonio explains.

“So you’re married to each other?”

“NO!” Antonio shouts as Feng just gives us this mischievous smile. “I work for this man!” Antonio justifies. The Feng woman cackles.

“But dear, we did form an eternal bond!” I joke while entertaining the Feng woman’s assumption. It is actually quite amusing.

“Doctor!” Antonio looks at me, looking like he did not get the joke. I just shrug back at him and smile.

“You can’t fool me, Tony. Call it woman’s intuition. Even when we were together, you couldn’t stop looking at other men. Breaking up with me was probably the best thing you’ve done, to be honest.” Feng taunts Antonio.

“Because you were becoming crazy! Just look at all these mirrors! And I didn’t believe in vampires at the time!”

The Feng woman then looks at both of us from head to toe.

“Matching black outfits. You vampires are so cute.” Feng just looks at us with contempt. “So what does an insignificant man like you want? Revenge for taking away your life?” she addresses Antonio.

“That’s one part of it, yes.”

“And to take back a vampire you abducted.” I add.

The Feng woman just looks at us with condescension.

“I’d like to see you try. And how dare you, Tony. How dare you for turning into a twinky little vampire. I want that eternal youth. It should be mine.”

“It’s way better than being your bed warmer, I assure you.” Antonio brushes off the insult.

“A bed warmer? You barely lasted in bed! Men like you who lack masculinity are the ones I dislike the most!” she insults Antonio again, who flinches for a moment.

“Shut up and give us back Dominica!”

“Ah, so she has a name. How cute.” The Feng woman glares at Antonio and then turns her gaze towards me.

“And I guess that your husband is this Dominca’s brother or something. They look quite similar.” she mocks me.

“I’m the father.” I say without trying to raise my voice. “And I demand that you release my daughter at once. Release her now, and we shall spare you.”

The Feng woman laughs like a maniac. Almost better than my own evil laugh.

“There’s no way I’m letting you take her! The essence that she has will be far too valuable.”

“Essence?” Antonio raises an eyebrow.

“It’s what I extract from you vampires to preserve my youth. I ain’t getting any younger, you know.”

“But you’re only 32.” Antonio comments as Feng’s nostrils flare up.

“EXACTLY!” Feng seems to show off her power by posing like a villain. “All the vampires I’ve captured refused to turn me into a vampire, so I turned them into essence. I can keep myself young forever with essence!” That explains all the vampire killings.

“I can see why no vampire wants to turn you. You’re absolutely bonkers!” I quip at the megalomaniac.

“Is that why you bought out all those vampire hunters?” Antonio asks.

“The better to hunt vampires with. Normal guns don’t do much, but silver crossbow bolts do wonders!” Feng laughs like a maniac.

I start to become curious about this essence, which I’ve only heard from faerie acquaintances and lectures in medical school.

“Pardon me for asking, but where exactly did you acquire the technology to create essence? Only those who are part of the supernatural world are aware of that.”

“Oh, I’m not telling you that. Someone just helped me.” Feng sneers as I wonder who she is talking about.

“And who is this someone?” I press her for more answers, but she just laughs.

“As if I’m giving away my secret! That essence is mine! And since you’re that pretty vampire’s father, I’ll be taking yours, too.”

“You won’t be taking our essence!” Antonio moves in front of me.

“I said I’ll be taking his essence. I don’t want essence from a weak man like you.”

“I’ll show you who’s weak!” Antonio clenches his fists.

“No, you’re the weak one!” Feng taunts Antonio.

And with that, bright lights in the room suddenly open, making the room way brighter than it was, and it’s something that my eyes are not used to. Antonio shields himself with his hands while I squint; I’ve experienced worse. Feng just smirks as all the lights are directed on her.

“I knew these special border control spotlights would come in handy someday. Inhibits a vampire’s senses, they say.”

What she said is partly true. While bright artificial lighting may normally not harm a vampire, incredibly bright lighting can dull their senses. Hence, it puts vampires at a slight disadvantage. It’ll take a bit of time for me to adjust to this accursed brightness.

“What are you planning, Cherry?” Antonio says while shielding his eyes with one hand.

“Just leveling the playing field. Can’t have both of you fighting beautiful ol’ me, and your vampiric strength might be too much to handle. So I had an idea! Fight me one-on-one, Antonio. However, your husband will stay out of this or else.” Feng points to the other spotlights that have not been activated yet. Turning on all of those lights will greatly weaken us both, so I decide to sit this one out.

“You’re still going down.” Antonio taunts Feng as he walks up to her. I stay put, knowing that my student can handle this on his own.

“Be aware of the lighting.” I warn as Antonio nods. “Don’t do anything rash.”

Antonio attempts to grab Feng to bite her, but she brushes him off with something that seems to be shining from her chest. Antonio goes for a slash to the neck, but Feng deflects his attack with ease and parries the swing. Feng crosses her arms to let Antonio know that he won’t be taking that medallion any time soon.

“A medallion.” I say to myself. Guild medallions like those are the most powerful, usually worn by hunters of high rank. A high medallion creates light that can stun a vampire or deflect a vampire’s attack at random. It also increases the wearer’s strength, giving them enough power to fend off a vampire. She must have bought hers somehow.

“You can’t lay a finger on me!” Feng taunts Antonio.

“I probably can’t. But have you looked at yourself in the mirror?”

“You can’t make me look! Only a fool would fall for a trick like–”

“There’s a huge blemish on your face.”

“WHERE?” the Feng finally gets distracted as she looks at a nearby mirror.

Seizing the opportunity, Antonio uses his vampiric speed to step back and give the Feng woman a shoulder tackle. Feng doesn’t react quickly, knocking her off balance, which gives Antonio time to snatch the medallion from her neck and throw it to the ground. Not the most elegant attack, but still, quick thinking, Antonio. You’ve learned much from our purse snatchers.

“NO!” Feng shouts as she reaches for the medallion.

“You won’t be needing that. Let’s play fair.” Antonio looks down at Feng as he kicks the medallion further away from her.

“Do you really think you’re going to win? You’re so naive, TONY!” the Feng woman brings out her phone and pushes a button.

Then the whole room turns bright, hurting my eyes as I cannot see a thing.

Damn those spotlights.

As ordered by the Doctor, I entered a room and found myself in another corridor with more rooms. After a few minutes of entering broom closets, empty bedrooms, and lavatories, I managed to find the right room with Miss Daughter in it. It took a few tries with the lockpick, but the third try did the trick.


I was expecting her to be in a cage since I heard she was captured, but thankfully she is sleeping on this soft bed.

I look at the sleeping vampire and remember what Presto said earlier. She looks just like the Doctor, but with the body of a girl. This makes me wonder what the Doctor’s ex-wife looked like. I asked Presto about it, but all he said was, “You are not wanting of know. Believing in me.” if I remember my Simlish correctly.

“Miss Daughter!” I approach her with caution, knowing that a vampire hates being awakened from its slumber. I learned the hard way when I tried to wake up the Doc from his slumber before. I almost got bitten, but thankfully, Presto came to calm him down. “Miss Daughter!” I shout louder and put a hand on her shoulder to shake her. Probably not the best idea.

“IT IS TIME TO WAKING UP PLEASE!” I shout again, but her body moves all of a sudden and knocks me to the ground with her hand as she gets up.

“…Miss Daughter?” I look at her eyes and see that they are blood red, just like the Doc and Tony when they go into dark form. She is just glaring at me, like when my Simlish teacher back home got angry at me.

This is more frightening than my upcoming Simlish exam.

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