One Year Anniversary!

It’s finally been a year since I started writing Undead with Benefits. Thank you all for reading the story! I’ll discuss a few things here while posting some unused screenshots I took for story concepts. Mainly how I came up with the story, inspiration of the characters, and other things!


The story started off with the concept of having a vampire supervillain at first. The kind of mad doctor/vampire who had human minions helping him. So I created the first incarnation of the Doc in CAS until I was satisfied with what I got. Of course, vampires needed a lair, so I created all kinds of dingy hideouts even before the Vampires game pack was released.

After creating Criminal Hideout 2.0, I moved the Doc into it but then thought that having human servants is so typical. So I gave it a twist by making it a ghost servant. And thus, Preston was created. I then thought of a servant who was hard to communicate with because of a language barrier, so I created Park. Antonio came in later at one point to balance out the number of characters; three is an unlucky number in my country. The Doc needed a vampire to mentor, so I created him.

Romance is something that I am not good at, so I went with comedy, drama, and action as the main themes of the story. I was going for short episodes at first, but I later created a whole plot outline and eventually built my own world using settings from the game. I wanted to refer to real world places but with another name.

I might have liked it though if the story started like from a line of a joke, like a vampire and a ghost walk into a bar and… yeah. 😀


“Doc, there is no way I’m singing this opera duet as the woman’s voice.”

The Characters

When I was coming up with the characters for the story, I thought about what kinds of personalities they would have. I came up with the Doc’s first. Like I said in the previous section, he was originally supposed to be like a mad doctor vampire blah or something like a supervillain. But I later went with the vampire and servants theme since it intrigued me more and brought more muse. The Doc can be oldtimey, gentlemanly, and a loving father. However, he can also be hot-headed and evil to humans (or pretty much anyone who isn’t a vampire.) My personal headcanon voice for the Doc is a deep, calming voice with a Peninsular Spanish accent that can sound wild when angry. A British accent might probably suit him, too.


“My boss is good singer!”

As for Preston, he is the typical dimwitted minion archetype who mainly serves as comic relief. I made him a ghost knight because I needed a character who was probably as old as or older than the Doc. While the Doc is oldtimey, Preston leans more towards modern ways and can easily adapt to technology even though he’s centuries older than the Doc. Park on the other hand was inspired by immigrants who are adapting to a new country. He has two voices: one which acts as his natural narrative voice and the other being his broken Simlish which causes misunderstandings and hilarious outcomes. (like Presto) Last but not least, I put a little bit of myself in the story by adding Antonio so that I can immerse myself more in the story and its world.

Finally, I’ll talk about the story’s villains. I mainly created them based on the things that I dislike the most and on horrible people I’ve encountered before. I combine all of those bad things into one baddie, and that is how I’ll come up with the future villains in the story. Cherry is probably my most favorite villain so far since writing about her is easy and fun. This is because I encountered a person who was almost exactly like her in terms of attitude in the past. xD The villains can also be victims of circumstances that forced them to be evil, like the one in the first arc.


“Preston, you were horrible at singing tonight! Make your voice more womanly next time!”

Other Stuff

Future plans! I’ll be introducing more characters to the story as it progresses. The latest ones I’ve introduced are the Lim Brothers, but I’ll also be introducing more of the Doc’s henchmen, who all have a special backstory with the Doc. I want to give readers more insight as to how the Doc recruits henchmen, so stay tuned for future chapters. 🙂

I was also thinking of having an Interview filler where an unseen interviewer talks to our main characters. But of course, there will be a twist.

My computer has several problems right now, so it’s been causing setbacks when I’m taking screenshots and building venues. Once I upgrade my computer, I’ll finally be able to have more Sims in a bigger venue. My current one crashes often since it’s not 64-bit. The ol’ simming PC also needs reformatting and cleaning.


“Cease this silliness and get back to posing properly!”

Once again, thank you all for reading! 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend.

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5 Responses to One Year Anniversary!

  1. RipuAncestor says:

    Happy anniversary for the story! It was interesting and fun to learn more about the origins of this story. I’ll be looking forward to even more fun, action, drama and everything!

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  2. cathytea says:

    Happy stroyversary ! Sure am glad you’re writing it, and I look forward to the next year of updates !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

    Liked by 1 person

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