Chapter 10.3 – The Brothers

Right on schedule.

I look at my watch as my twin brother and I have reached the floor where our apartment is located. We are expecting our boss to arrive soon to because of her extremely important announcement. I’m hoping it’s not another one of those random trips to the Fashion District where she needs help carrying shopping bags. Unlike my more physically active brother Sam, I can only manage to carry a few. I’m good with numbers, however, and that is why they call me “Sum,” which is short for Sumer. No, not Summer. That’s a woman’s name.

“What do ya think she’ll talk about this time, bro?” Sam asks me with his usual tone suited for a douche.

“We have yet to know, brother.” I say as I unlock the door and enter the apartment with him. “You know how Ms. Cherry is when it comes to important announcements.” Both of us sit in the dining room to wait for our dear boss.

“It’s probably another one of her plans to get more of those pale-skinned guys we capture.” Sam refers to our latest targets with his own term.

“You mean vampires, Sam.”

“Still can’t believe they’re real, though.” Sam laughs even though we both witnessed seeing a vampire crumble into dust upon daylight. “They must be like magicians or somethin’.”

“Whatever they are, I think it’s a complete waste of time.” I complain about what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. “We could be making as much money as Cherry’s parents but our boss has unusual goals.”


“She also hasn’t given us our cut during last week’s heist!”

“Haha, yeah!”

“And have you noticed how the boss always looks at every mirror just to admire herself? We waste as much as forty minutes during raids as a result!”


“And the amount of make-up she puts on her face is thick enough to pass off as a clown!” I laugh to myself as Sam seems to have stopped agreeing with me. He points to the wall behind me as I turn around.

And fall off my seat.

“M-M-M-M-M-Miss Ch-Cherry! I was just saying how the amount of make-up is e-enough to scare away clowns! Oh, I mean–”

THE ONLY CLOWNS AROUND HERE ARE YOU AND YOUR EQUALLY STUPID BROTHER!” the boss shouts at us as I struggle to get behind my brother.

“H-Hi, boss?” Sam squeaks as I can literally see the boss’ head fuming.

“At least both of you are here on time. Sit down, you dimwit.” the boss orders me as I get the seat next to my brother’s.

“So what’s the important announcement, boss?” Sam asks the boss as I just remain silent, still shaken from what happened.

“The usual. I want a vampire. Get me the one I requested for tonight.” the boss tells us as I imagine myself rolling my eyes, but I cannot do that in front of her.

“Oh, you mean that vampire, boss?” I recall sending our men to Newcrest to capture this certain vampire she’s after.

“What’s so special about that vampire anyway?” Sam asks as the boss maintains her frown.

“I read somewhere that the prettier the vampire, the better their essence. That is also what my contact told me. And no one can be prettier than Cherry May Feng.” the boss uses her haughty tone whenever she refers to herself.

“Yes, boss. You’re the prettiest!”

“The most beautiful, too!”

“Flattering me won’t get you anywhere, dumb and dimwit.” she rejects our words. “Dumb– Sum! Did the men we send to Newcrest get any results?”

I bring out my phone and read out the report of the raid leader. “Says here… that they ran into vampires but did not catch any. Fought vampires. Fell into traps. Broke into the vampire’s hideout only to find more traps. Attacked by rabid chickens. Many men injured, sucked dry of blood, or with disease including me. Target escaped–”

“That’s all I needed to know.” Ms. Cherry raises a hand and looks at Sam. “She escaped again. You said that you were going to get her this time.”

“I sent two dozen men there! Thought that would be enough for one vampire.” Sam talks back.

“You did not bring her back.”

“Yeah, but I’ll just contact this guy I know from this back alley in the Spice–”

YOU DID NOT BRING HER BACK!” the boss shouts as Sam tries to talk his way out. She stands up and blocks his way.

“Listen, you. I gave you a very very IMPORTANT mission to get me that vampire. And you blew it.” the boss crosses her arms as my brother cowers in fear.

“Y-yes, ma’am.”

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for results? A DAY! That’s like missing 24 hours worth of massages and pampering in The Solus in Uptown!”

Sam does not reply but cowers in fear. I attempt to stand up for my brother.

“But boss, maybe this vampire has friends or something! You know, to protect her!”

“I KNOW THAT, YOU DIMWIT!” the boss snaps back at me as I shiver involuntarily. “And it is your incompetence that led you to this mess.”

“L-Let me finish the report at least!” I manage to say as I look at the message again. “It says that the target escaped, but they discovered a tunnel that leads to the Newcrest-San Myshuno subway line. Th-the vampires must have used the subway to escape.”

And for the first time today, the boss smiled.

“D-Does that mean we give up on the chase?” Sam asks as the boss quickly returns to her frown.

“NO, YOU IMBECILE!” the boss snaps back. “If they rode that train, it only leads to one place, which is–”

“Willow Creek!” I answer with confidence.

The boss hits me hard on the head.

SAN MYSHUNO! FRIGGING SAN MYSHUNO!” the boss screams as she points to the ground. She then tries to calm herself down by breathing heavily as my brother and I do not say a word.

The boss shoots us another look as we both cower in fear. She has done more horrible things to us in the past when we failed.

“The Lim Brothers.” the boss speaks with sarcasm. “More like the Dumb Brothers. Find that vampire or else.” she walks away as we are still cowering.

The boss goes to the other end of the room to look at herself in the mirror. My brother and I both manage to get up and exit the apartment to do some searching. I then hear her sing her favorite made-up song.

No one can be prettier than Cherry May Feng

If you’re prettier you’ve done me wrong

I’ll be pretty forever and ever

Cuz I’m gonna get me the essence of a vampire

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5 Responses to Chapter 10.3 – The Brothers

  1. cathytea says:

    I love all these nut-cases! And I love the puns, too !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maladi777 says:

    Had to check these brothers when I saw the picture. Alas no criminal geniuses they are. So hard to find those. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RipuAncestor says:

    Aaaw yeah, more entertaining villains! These people are so much fun especially when put in the same room together.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. simaholic63 says:

    I started reading this story a few days ago. Now I’m all caught up. I actually did a search for Sims 4 vampire stories. That’s how I found your story.

    The first story arc was absolutely great, and I can hardly wait for more chapters on this one. You have such creative ideas for this story. I’m wondering where you’ll take us readers this time, as well as down the road.

    Liked by 1 person

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