Chapter 10.1 – The Fengs


“MOMMY!” I call for her while looking at the view of the city from our serviced apartment, as if we reigned over all those who live below us. But that’s how it has always been.


I look over my shoulder to see if she’s coming. “We need to talk about something very important! Now!” I then see Mommy approach, but she does not look happy like usual.


“What is it, Dear?” Mommy frowns while asking me with her usual cold tone. “This better be important. I had to hang up on an important client.”

“It’s already Lunar New Year but only Uncle Wilson sent me an angpao! What about from my other uncles and aunties?”

Mommy just sighs. Why is she sighing? I don’t get her.

“Your Uncle Wilson gave you 200,000 simoleons in that little red envelope, Dear.” Mommy describes the amount as if it were supposed to be big. 200,000 simoleons is a pauper’s allowance!



“You’re already 32 years old, Dear!” Mommy places emphasis on my age and pauses for a moment. “Your ahia and achi don’t even receive angpao anymore. You should be thankful that your Uncle Wilson still gives you money since you’re his favorite niece.” That’s because my older brother and sister have their own successful crime organizations in Bridgeport and Windenburg. Meanwhile I’m stuck here in San Myshuno helping out with the family business.


“You just don’t get me, Mommy!” I throw up my arms and stomp my foot out of frustration. I want more money. And getting more money from my parents and relatives has been getting harder every single year.

“Sweetheart!” I hear a familiar voice behind me.

“Daddy!” I exclaim with joy, hoping that he can give me more money. More money to further my plans. “Only Uncle Wilson gave me angpao this year!”

Daddy gives me a sympathetic look. At least he understands me unlike Mommy.


“I’ll talk with your Mommy for a bit, okay darling? How about going to the kitchen for something to eat? Your Auntie Vanessa sent us some New Year rice cake, your favorite!”

My eyes widen. “RICE CAKE? Alright, Daddy! I’ll just have a snack!” I glare at Mommy before giving Daddy a tight hug.

Then Mommy and Daddy talk about their boring plans for the family business. Take over San Myshuno, become more influential, and other things that I don’t really care about. As I walk to the kitchen, I check out myself in the mirror first, admiring my every angle.


I have to admit, mirrors are my weakness. I can’t resist looking at my own reflection. That’s because I’m so beautiful. More beautiful than all those women of my age. While my friends from high school and college have started to age, I haven’t aged much. But there’s something that threatens my beauty.

Those blasted vampires.

Vampires don’t age at all, so they remain young and beautiful forever. Every vampire I’ve had my henchmen capture has refused to turn me into one even if I offer them a fortune, so I just turn them into ash by daylight. Their ashes make excellent fertilizer for our farms. I’ve already bought out the Vampire Hunters’ Guild in San Myshuno, but many of their leaders left, leaving me with their incompetent lackeys. At least I have information about where to find them.

I almost had this pretty little vampire in my hands the other night, but my stupid henchmen let her get away. Thinking about it makes my blood boil. I wanted to bring her to my interrogation chamber to get all of those vampiric secrets out of her. Why doesn’t Daddy let me borrow his more competent henchmen? It’s not my fault that almost every henchman I send against vampire lairs gets killed! Both him and Mommy don’t believe that vampires exist! Oh, immortality…


Just thinking about getting eternal youth brings me delight. And envy. A lot of envy. I want to be forever young! I’ll get the secret to vampiric immortality and kill every single vampire. No one should be more youthful than me.


No one should be more beautiful than Cherry May Feng!


“…she’s looking at herself in the mirror again isn’t she?” I ask my wife, and she just nods as if it is normal.

“You’ve been spoiling our daughter too much, Victor.” my wife tells me coldly as she looks out the window. “I didn’t even want to have kids in the first place.”

“We had to please our parents somehow! Simchuanese traditions dictate so.” I recall being pressured by my wife’s parents to have children. “Anyway, I believe that you’ve given her more of our henchmen?”


“I already have, but not our best ones. We need them here in Uptown. All this to pursue something silly such as vampires.” she smiles for a bit, probably thinking it silly as well.

“I told you not to get her that set of vampire teen novels when she was little! But still, maybe she’ll learn from this wild goose chase.”

“Perhaps. But she probably won’t be as successful as her siblings.” She then uses her head to gesture towards our daughter, looking at herself in the mirror again.

I just shake my head.

“Us Fengs have always been successful. That’s because we support each other as a family. And she should be lucky this year! It’s the Year of the Rooster, after all!” I dictate, but my wife just raises an eyebrow and looks out the window again.


And then my daughter suddenly laughs like a maniac. What is she thinking about?

“I don’t know if she takes after you or your father.” she chuckles.

“Whatever, dear. I’m going to support Cherry with whatever she needs. And if she does have enemies,” I look at the scenery of San Myshuno skyline, admiring the extent of our clan’s power. “they will be crushed.”

My wife and I state our clan motto.

No one messes with the Fengs.

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6 Responses to Chapter 10.1 – The Fengs

  1. RipuAncestor says:

    🙂 I’m already sensing that the Fengs are going to be lots of fun. And trouble.

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  2. cathytea says:

    Is that an Asian Meatball ?

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  3. raerei says:

    Oh my, I love her!!!

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  4. dovestories says:

    She’s so interesting and egotistical! I love it, and I’m super excited to see what this leads to!

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