Undead Bites 2


“Let’s go, Park. The Doc is expecting you to look more like a proper henchman.” I tell Park as we make our way towards the second floor, where the wardrobe is located.

While going up the steps, Preston suddenly emerges at the top. Isn’t he supposed to be filling out those forms?


“While the Doc’s occupied in deep thought, I thought I’d make you wear this outfit I have in mind.” Preston says as he ushers Park towards the walk-in closet. “It’s the one to your left. Get dressed inside.”

“Didn’t the Doc tell you to do something? He asked me to do this.”

“It’ll just be a moment, Tony! If he doesn’t like it, you can do whatever you want with him.” Preston laughs as his armor makes that annoying sound that the Doctor dislikes.

After a few minutes, Park emerges from the closet with a new outfit.


“Not a bad combination.” I praise Preston’s choice of clothing for Park. “And here I was, thinking that you’d out-dress someone from the Fashion District.” I look again at Park’s outfit. A beige bomber jacket with a fitted inner shirt paired with dark jeans. Fitting for any generic henchman.

“Knew you’d also like it, Tony! What do you think, Park?”

It takes a few head scratches for Park to reply with something.

“I like the outfit, Presto. Really nice. But I want to see what Mr. Antonio’s coordinate is like.” Park says as he starts scratching himself. Maybe the jacket hasn’t been washed yet.


“He means how you put together your clothing. It’s a Simlish word that’s used in a different way in his part of the world.” I explain to Preston, remembering that article I read about how Koguryeons and Asahinians borrow Simlish words and use them differently. Preston just shakes his head.

“I’ll leave you two be now. I’ve still got those forms to fill out.” Preston says as he phases through the floor.

“Now for the outfit I’ve prepared. Let’s step into the walk-in closet.” I say as Park follows me.


After a few minutes, I put together an outfit composed of brand-name clothing that might help Park intimidate anyone at first glance. Leather jackets and ripped jeans make quite an impression. The Doc might even like it!

“Well then, Park. What do you think?” I ask Park as he looks at himself in the mirror. Only Park uses the mirror in the hideout.

“This make me look bigger! I choose this one!” Park exclaims as I step beside him and look at the mirror. I do not see my own reflection, sadly. Just Park’s. Park seems a bit puzzled for a moment that I have no reflection.

“Be thankful that you have a reflection to look at.” I pat Park on the back. “I used to look at myself in the mirror often. Now I have to rely on a magical relic to view my own appearance.”

Then Park points out something on my shoulder. “It’s a bit of Presto’s ghostly ooze.” He means the ectoplasmic goo Preston sometimes leaves behind when he phases through things.

I look at the area where he pointed at.

“You’re right, Park! It is! I’ll get to cleaning that later. At least I can rely on you as a mirror!” I laugh and gesture Park to come down the stairs.


Hopefully the Doc likes his new outfit.

I don’t want the Doc to yell at me or something.

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