Undead Bites 1

Hello readers! This is a new thing I call Undead Bites, which are very short scenes about different characters in my story. 🙂 They are usually formed from random screenshots made from playtesting and other situations. Let’s start with the Doc:

Normally, I do not enter restaurants for humans, but this swanky new place in Western Newcrest apparently serves the best plasma fruit wine. I quickly told Preston to bring me here so that I can try it out.

Bonsoir!” the host greets me in Lutecean, being a Lutecean-themed restaurant and all. “Do you have a reservation, sir?”

“Yes, under the name of de Guzman. Domingo de Guzman.” I reply as the host look for my name.

While being led to my table, I take in the atmosphere of the fancy restaurant. Aside from the stunning decor, there is an open kitchen where people can see the chefs prepare their food.

After getting seated, I look at the menu and see what I want. Plasma fruit wine. I call for the waiter and place my order.

“Only wine, sir? Perhaps you would like a Filet Mignon to go with that? It’s a popular combination.” the waiter gives a courteous suggestion.

“I’m fine with wine, thank you.” I reply as the waiter goes to punch my order. And then, a strange but familiar presence enters the room. The kind that fills me with chills.

Then, seated at a few tables in front of me is Grand Archon Leclerc, who seems to be wearing something out-of-character, especially the star-shaped sunglasses. How did they even let him in despite the formal dress code?

Bonsoir, Monsieur de Guzman!” the old fop manages to tell me through a telepathic message that doesn’t lose his signature accent.

I just sigh and enjoy the rest of the evening sipping plasma fruit wine and listening to piano music, pretending not to know the old fop a few tables away.

I should bring companions next time.

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