Chapter 4.2 – The Abduction

To my Dearest Teresa,

I’ve finally done it. We now have our very own home in downtown Windenburg, and it’s only a few steps away from the central square. I pulled a few strings to get this property, and I’m glad that everything went well in the end. You no longer have to stay with your overbearing mother, and I know that you’ve always wanted to move out of the house.

With the purchase of this home, I’ll be able to closely coordinate with the Paragon Movement, the revolutionary group dedicated to the fall of the current monarch, Kaiser Franz Allister II. As you know, the Kaiser has recently been declared insane by the Windenburg Royal Court because of his random, nonsensical outbursts, extravagant building projects, and for declaring war on the trees of Greenberg Forest. The soldiers who were sent there were ordered to fire their muskets on the poor trees while the Kaiser watched, dressed in full battle regalia, which was a waste of gunpowder and tax money.


That left the Court to appoint the highest-ranking politician, Governor-General Albert von Windenburg as Transitional Regent until Prince Franz Allister III is old enough to rule. However, that will not happen as we have all had enough of this decadent, corrupt monarchy. People across the continent are rising against complacent monarchies that have no relevance in today’s world, and that is why the Paragon Movement was established; to be a Paragon to all and set an example.

I will be working with the Paragons as one of their informants; while I treat patients in our new house’s clinic, I can gather information as well. If I do well, I might even become one of the leaders in this movement someday. Don’t worry, my dear. I won’t get involved in any violence, and I promise to control my anger.

Speaking of anger, I got angry this morning at one of my new servants. He doesn’t speak Windenburger very well since he is from the colonies. The young fool broke one of the precious vases that I brought from your family’s house, so I whipped him with my belt. I hope you forgive me, but it was necessary to control someone like him.


The new servant is one of those sea gypsies from Sudestajia, one of the colonized kingdoms in the tropics. Aside from being a bargain on the slave market, he looks handsome, has strong hands, and has good teeth. You can never find a deal anywhere else like that. I looked at his                                                  down there. He also has a really big                   and                  p           is     reputation. The name he called himself was difficult to pronounce, so I gave him the name Miguel B        c  o               save me the trouble explaining his origin to our neighbors     peers. I also                   potatoes.                Cabbage                               make him more fluent in Windenburger and assimilate                 our culture as soon as possible.

Which reminds me, I need to hide the necklace you gave me. The servants have been looking at it strangely, so I hid it in the family chest. The necklace                           was made         prime jeweler                               and henceforth,                                   you                            move in.

Forever yours,

D  An  res


The last parts of the letter seem to have missing words. It might have been eaten by insects because of its age. I also find it odd that these letters were all compiled into one book. Did my grandmother compile all of these?


This old book is just one of many things I found in the Vivas family chest. Aside from the book, I found various trinkets, medical books that I can’t read because of the old text, and an old pearl earring in a small wooden box. There was something about the earring that made me want to wear it, so I put it on my left ear. After reading some of the letters, I put the book in my jacket and eat my breakfast.


Nothing like a good plate of ham and eggs to start my day. I’ve been trying to get my mind off what happened three nights ago. I saw vampires for the first time, and I think that the heirlooms in the chest, funny YouWatch videos, and Mumba exercises were able to calm me down. I didn’t go out of the house for walks like I usually do, fearing that people from the Guild may be looking for me. Hopefully, life becomes normal again.

And then someone knocks on the door.


I put the dirty dish in the sink and see who it is. I was expecting the latest edition of Paranormal Monthly to be delivered soon.

But I immediately lock the door upon seeing the visitor.

“Howdy, Ms. Vivas! How ’bout showin’ some hospitality by openin’ the door?” the Pastor from the other side speaks cordially.

I shake my head and try to think of a way to get out of my home, but before I can even act, a thug dressed like a plumber tackles and opens the door with ease, sending the chain lock flying off the hinge.


I get startled for a moment and fall onto the sofa, but I still put my brave face on. The Pastor invites himself into my home as the plumber who rammed his way through grunts and heads for my kitchen sink. I notice that the Pastor also has two of his robed thugs outside, armed with silver weapons.

Pastor Westfall is not in his usual preacher’s attire and seems to have dressed down by wearing a t-shirt and a cowboy hat.

“Thought we couldn’t find ya, huh? Took my boys a while to track ya down, and here we are now.” the Pastor says with a confident grin. I couldn’t help but notice the medallion hanging from his neck that looks a bit different from what the Guild members in other cities are wearing.

“What do you want?” I manage to say, trying my best to look unfazed by the sudden intrusion. “I’m no longer part of the Guild. I even unfriended and blocked your SimBook account.”


The Pastor makes a menacing expression that momentarily sent a chill down my spine.

“You have somethin’ that I want, Ms. Vivas.” the Pastor says while looking at me in the eye. “There’s a reason why I sent ya over to that vampire’s hideout, but that dang ambush derailed my plans!”

He goes on to quote a scripture from his church, which I heard has excommunicated him a few days ago. Read that on the news the other day. Westfall is not making any sense with his rambling.

“Just get to the point, Pastor.” I get impatient and cut him off.


“I want the chest.” Westfall looks at the Vivas family chest and turns to me. “And you’ll be comin’ with us.” As soon as he said that sentence, my eyes widened.

The Pastor snaps his finger as the two robed thugs outside come in to take the chest. I try to get up from my seat, but the large plumber that was by the sink grabs me and punches me in the gut.


I feel my vision start to fade as the plumber carries me onto his sweaty back and walks out the door.

All things return to the Llama! Says so in the scriptures!” the Pastor exclaims with a sinister grin.

Before I can even continue protesting, the Pastor laughs maniacally as he walks out of the house.

“UNHAND HER, KNAVE!” I hear a voice from somewhere just before I pass out.

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6 Responses to Chapter 4.2 – The Abduction

  1. raerei says:

    Windenburger…snicker….and what are the people of Windenburg called… 😀
    Now, how did the pastor learn of the chest? And looks like despite the excommunication, he’s still got plenty of willing “plumbers” to support him. Darn.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. RipuAncestor says:

    Oh no, not the trees! Take that Kaiser down, people of the past!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Virtualee says:

    Wonders how the sam hill that pastor knows of the chest hmmm?!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. theplumbob says:

    Plum the pastor! So many mysteries aah!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. ninjapigsims says:

    Preston to the rescue! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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