Intermission – Better Days Spa Tour

Another Simbook post? What the hell is that Preston up to? Didn’t he read my memo on posting things about work?


Hey there, Simbook friends and followers! Preston the Chickenslayer here with another exciting tour of my local neighborhood! I was going to show you guys a tour of where I live, but my crabby boss somehow found out and deleted it. LOL! So today, I’ll give you guys a tour of one of my most favorite places in town, the Better Days Spa and Gym!


The Better Days Spa and Gym used to be an abandoned arcade owned by the Doc, and it housed a few squatters, drug pushers, and a crazy old guy who ate live birds. Eventually, the Newcrest Vampires Association asked the Doc if they could convert it into something that can earn money. The Association needed more revenue to fund its illegal activities and meetings, like how the Guild opened a plumbing business.

Why was it called Better Days? When the Doc inspected the property with members from the Association, he quipped that “this place has seen better days.” Then Archon Rembrandt said that Better Days Spa sounded like a good name, and it stuck. After kidnapping a well-known interior designer to design the property, the spa and gym establishment was born. (I think the interior designer overcharged the Association initially, hence the kidnapping. LOL)


The spa and gym complex caters to humans, vampires, and even ghosts like me! The attendants here are very friendly, and the warm interiors make it appealing enough for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that it’s open 24/7 and has bottomless fruit tea.


When I got a massage here, I just waited for my turn while reading a magazine of “The Gourmet Channel.” I usually accompany the Doc and his apprentice Antonio. Tony’s a smart guy, almost as smart as the Doc. He hates it when I call him Tony though, haha! Park also drops by since some of the attendants are Koguryeon.


This is the relaxing massage area where the attendants can do Swedish massages, Shiatsu massages, and reflexology. The vampires in particular enjoy having a warm cup of plasma fruit tea to go with their massage. I also have my ghostly cramps treated here, even if the Doc doesn’t believe that I have them.


The adjacent gym has a studio for yoga classes like this. I’m personally not a fan of yoga, but the Doc seems to be into it. It helps with the anger management problem, he said. It doesn’t seem to be effective though since he’s still as hot-headed as ever.


This is the pool area with a relaxation area and juice bar next to it. My favorite spot is just right under the staircase. I play pranks on the people who use the staircase for fun. There was one time I tried to grab the Doc’s legs there, and he tripped down the stairs and into the pool. He confined me to a vacuum cleaner tank after that, but it was worth seeing the Doc all wet and angry, LOL!


If the Doctor is not at the hideout punching his favorite dummy (me), he’s here letting off some steam. The only thing he hates here is the mirror, so he has some of the staff cover the mirrors with curtains before he invites other vampires to join him.


Finally, this is a meeting room for a club of humans called The Relaxers, who made Better Days their official hangout spot. The Doc and the Association were not open to the idea at first, but the presence of the club brought in more revenue to fund their illegal activities. Strange people, those Relaxers. All they do is get massages, do yoga, and go swimming.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of Better Days Spa and Gym! Don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe!



So I didn’t trip on my way down that blasted staircase. That made me so angry, especially when my newly dry-cleaned Diaboli suit got soaked. It was this frolicking fool all along who was behind it. Perhaps it’s time to bring out Preston’s vacuum cleaner again.

System Message: Are you sure you want to–


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3 Responses to Intermission – Better Days Spa Tour

  1. Virtualee says:

    OMG I love PRESTO err Preston! LOL

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Meggs says:

    I love when we get to hear from Preston and I love this spa! *downloads*

    Liked by 2 people

  3. ninjapigsims says:

    LOL! Oh, Preston. 🙂

    Saying that though, I’d try to join the Relaxers just to enjoy that spa! It’s gorgeous. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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