Side Chapter 1 – The First Day

To my Dearest Teresa,

I finished my first day in prison. The cell smells of human excrement, but so does every other cell in Windenburg Fortress. Things did not go well during the recent hearing because one of our allies gave incriminating statements, which put my comrades and I into further trouble. I objected, one thing led to another, and my blasted attorney kept stuttering at every word. It also increased my prison sentence by a few more days.


I had our servant Miguel fetch some of my belongings from the house so that I can make life in this cell more comfortable. You do not have to wonder where my spare coat and undergarments have gone to, and you won’t have to worry about my laundry for a while. It was nice of the prison warden to put me in this cell and allow me to get some of my things; my subordinates weren’t so lucky. Majority of them, coming from the lower echelons of society were sent to the lower dungeons, which are more cramped. I heard that it’s nearer the sewer, so when it rains heavily, all sorts of things float around.

My cell is situated near the prison warden’s office because I am apparently high-profile. I did not know that I have gained that much infamy over the past few years as one of the leaders of the revolution. One thing that annoys me in this cell is that it is near a large portrait of Governor Albert von Windenburg, his morbidly corpulent form watching over the whole hall.

In the cell at the far end of the hall, there’s a prisoner who claims to have been attacked by a vampire while robbing graves. He must be insane. Vampires are merely fiction, created by someone who had a vivid imagination. There is no way that vampires are real; it has never been proven, and there is no recorded evidence. People in Windenburg are too superstitious these days; when I visited the hospital before, many of the patients who showed symptoms of lethargy claimed that they were attacked by a vampire. It was probably just a wild animal that bit them; people in Windenburg just drink too much alcohol.


I also had Miguel buy me two books from the bookstore near our home. It should help relieve the boredom here. Miguel is a promising young man; he hopes to become a doctor like me, so I should be able to take him in as my intern when I get out of prison. He is a bit brash like many other young men, but he is reliable.

Hopefully, I will only remain here for a week. I cannot wait to see you soon. How is the midwife I hired doing? Ms. Clara von Hotzendorf is apparently the best midwife in our part of Havisham. She distinguished herself after performing well with House Hoedemaker’s heir. Remember to eat some porridge before going to bed. Tell Miguel to fetch the medicine I’ve prescribed for you at the apothecary. It will help ease the cramps that you are having. If Miguel or any of our servants fail you in any way, you have the authority to fire them without my consent.

I am really hopeful for the future. Pray that I make it out of this prison soon. Long live the Paragon Movement.

Forever yours,

D o nte an (the other letters are too smudged to be read)

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3 Responses to Side Chapter 1 – The First Day

  1. Virtualee says:

    Your description of that era is so on point, I could almost smell the refuse in the dungeon!

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  2. theplumbob says:

    Aaah, it’s starting to make sense… I think 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. CitizenErased14 says:

    Loving your story so far! Very original and well-written 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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